Pakistani artist Fatemah Baig is a digital star on the rise. Dripping with vibrant colors, Baig’s work is impressively unique with each piece making a statement.

A freelance graphic designer by profession, Baig’s personal work on her Instagram is simple, beautiful, and a good bit sassy. She has a pop art feel that she blends with textile designs. Her art often features a galaxy of stars, fashion inspired work, intricate jewelry, and henna.

Her art is clearly influenced by her South Asian heritage and she often depicts inspiring women of color both real and fictional, like actress and activist Yara Shahidi.


The artist originally had dreams of becoming a textile designer and applied to art school to study it. She had no interest in graphic design but due to some admissions mix-ups she eventually ended up majoring in it. It was in college that she discovered the beauty behind digital art.  

“I came across this book, a collection of beautiful digital illustrations in so many different styles. I still remember how it made me feel,” she told us in an exclusive interview. “Before that, I thought graphic design was only about advertising, Just posters, and billboards.”

Baig has a passion for all art forms, from coloring books to theater. She is inspired by artists like Saeed Akhtar, a legendary painter who is an icon in Pakistan.

“The beautiful, strong women in his paintings have always been my inspiration.”
She’s also a fan of graphic artist Malika Favre, a French artist based in London who is known for her minimalist, pop-art style work. Favre’s influence is clear in Baig’s artwork as well.

Baig featured women of color because she thought they were beautiful. She didn’t have a grand scheme necessarily to put out deep conceptual art. However, the positive messages she received inspired her to keep going.

When we reached out to Baig to comment on her artwork, she told us:

“I think every human being is beautiful regardless of their skin color, but brown skin is so rich and so beautiful. It adds depth and color to the artwork just like it does in real life. My work is very simple, and I didn’t think it meant anything until I started receiving these beautiful messages from people who appreciated my work and from others who felt inspired, connected or represented through it. I hope to continue doing that!”

Yasss, Queen, yasssss, keep doing you! But we wondered, what would Baig be if she wasn’t an artist?

“An astronaut! If I were good at math. And physics. And everything else that it requires.”

Let’s hope Baig never has to resort to becoming an astronaut, we love her art too much and need her here on Earth to keep doing what she’s doing. We’re not the only ones impressed by the Lahore-based graphic designer. Baig has received so much love through social media; this is what she had to say to her followers:

“I want to thank every single person that follows me on Instagram and I want them to know that their appreciation means a lot to me,” Baig said. “I’m still learning, and I hope to develop my work and explore more subjects in future.”

Though it was challenging to choose our favorites, here are illustrations of Baig’s that really struck a chord with us. Want more? Keep up with the artist on her dope AF Instagram page.