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Uncoupled Season 2: Is the Netflix Show Returning?

When Netflix dropped the first season of Uncoupled at the end of the last month, fans loved watching the story of Michael Lawson, a New York City realtor who was dumped by his boyfriend of seventeen years. Neil Patrick Harris’ wit, mixed with a heartwarming character arc, made the show the perfect rom-com watch that kept the viewers hooked.

Ever since the show ended on a cliffhanger, fans have been eagerly waiting to see what happens next. But has a new season been confirmed for the show? Read on to find out!

Is Uncoupled Season 2 on the Cards?

Netflix has not yet officially confirmed the renewal of the show for a second season. However, fans should not be worried as it hasn’t even been a month since the show premiered, and the streaming platform takes some time to announce the renewal, considering the viewership of the previous season.

What works in favor of Uncoupled is that it got mostly positive responses from the critics and audience alike. The show has an average rating of 74% on rotten tomatoes. Moreover, showrunner Darren Star teased the second season when asked about who Kai’s father is, the mystery man who Suzanne goes to meet at the end of the first season.

Darren replied that it is going to be a surprise in the upcoming season. “We have strong ideas about that storyline. We almost gave it away in season one, then decided not to. It’ll be very surprising,” he said.

If the renewal announcement is made soon, we can expect to see the show return by the end of 2023.

What to Expect from the Next Season

At the end of season 1, Colin returns to Michael after staying away for the whole season and says he thinks he made a mistake. Michael, meanwhile, went through a transformation as he learned to move on from the pain of separation and started to accept the situation with finally being happy in himself.

The new season will explore the new relationship dynamic between the two. Fans will get to see whether Michael gives another chance to Colin, after all that he went through.

Currently, social media is also divided over what Michael should do. While some fans are rooting for him to get back with Colin, others want to see him as the strong independent guy he had just become. Let’s see how the makers decide to take things forward.

Uncoupled Season 2 Expected Cast

If the new season is greenlit, the main cast is expected to make a return. Neil Patrick Harris will reprise his role as the lead, Michael Lawson. Tisha Campbell, Brooks Ashmanskas and Emerson Brooks are also expected to return as Michael’s friends, Suzanne, Stanley and Billy respectively.

Marcia Gay Harden will reprise her role as Claire Lewis, the newly divorced wealthy woman who just shifted into an apartment next to Michael. Tuc Watkins will return as Colin McKenna. Based on the new season’s storyline, we might get to see some new characters as well.

Are you also waiting for the next season of Uncoupled? Tell us in the comments section.



  1. As an older gay man it was nice seeing two older gay men as the central characters, instead of the usual twinks. I could really appreciate how Michael felt, the challenges of being newly single over 40, and getting used to the changes that have taken place, I.e the widespread abandonment of condoms, the almost flippant attitude to STIs as a result, knowing how we saw it all in the dark days of AIDS HIV.


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