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Trolley Episode 7 Release Date, Time and What to Expect

Trolley, a new K-Drama, premiered in December 2022 and is already being loved by the audience for its thrilling storyline. The series follows an Assemblyman at the National Assembly, and his wife, whose lives are turned upside down when some dark secrets of the latter’s part are revealed.

The first season of the show has already aired six episodes, and the drama is slowly intensifying. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the release of the next episode. But when will Trolley season 1 episode 7 come out? Read on to find out.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date

The seventh episode of Trolley season 1 will be aired in South Korea on SBS on Monday, January 9 at 10:00 pm (KST). For international viewers, the episode will be available to stream on Netflix with English subtitles. The streaming platform usually launches new episodes on the same day as their release in South Korea.

Trolley season 1 is all set to feature 16 episodes, with two new episodes coming out every week on Mondays and Tuesdays. You need to have a subscription to Netflix to watch the English-subbed show. The streaming service charges $6.99 a month for its basic with ads plans. The ads-free plan starts at $9.99 and goes up to $19.99 a month.

What to Expect from Trolley Season 1 Episode 7?

In the upcoming episode, Joong-do will be seen learning more about Seung-ho’s suicide, after which he might side with his wife. Seung-hee will try to get Hye-joo punished, which will also put Joong-do’s name at stake. Meanwhile, Soo-bin will keep thinking of getting an abortion.

Woo-jae will continue to investigate Hye-joo, and will probably get to know how she was mistreated. Seung-hee might be seen trying to please Yoo-sin, but her efforts will bear no fruit. Ki-young will probably start to help Joong-do.

As of now, Joong-do has been asked to resign from the assembly following his wife’s involvement in hit and run case. Ji-hoon’s mother has also cut all ties with the assemblyman.

Meanwhile, Seung-kyu’s father also accused him of murder. Woo-jae continued his investigation, and Gwi-soon panicked after finding out Seung-kyu had uploaded revenge porn.

Trolley Star Cast

The show stars Kim Hyun-joo as Kim Hye-joo, Park Hee-soon as Nam Joong-do, Kim Soo-oh as young Nam Joong-do, Kim Mu-yeol as Jang Woo-jae, Jung Soo-bin as Kim Soo-bin, Seo Jeong-yeon as Hyun Yeo-jin, Choi Myung-bin as Nam Yoon-seo, Yoon Sa-bong as Kim Bit-na, Jung Soon-won as Go Min-seok and Choi Soo-im as Choi Ja-young.

The rest of the cast includes Kim Mi-kyung as Woo Jin-seok, Ryu Hyun-kyung as Jin Seung-hee, Ki Tae-young as Choi Ki-young, Lim Chul-hyung as Seung-gyu’s father, Won Mi-won as Cho Gwi-soon, Jung Taek-hyun as Nam Ji-hoon, Gil Hae-yeon as Lee Yoo-shin, Jang Gwang as Kang Soon-hong and Lee Min-jae as Jin Seung-ho.

The official synopsis of the show reads, “Trolley is a story about the wife of a member of the National Assembly who lived quietly while hiding the past, and the dilemmas and choices that the couple faces as her secrets are revealed to the world.”

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