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Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies of All Time

Thanksgiving is here! I absolutely can’t wait to binge-watch on my favorites, what about you?

The list right here is for you amigo! Especially if you hate football.

Buckle up because you are about to have the BEST thanksgiving this year.

Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies! Coming Right Up

On Thanksgiving, there is already a lot to do. At the end of the day when you are done with the guests and the plates are washed off and cleared, there’s a need for something to pump you up.

These movies, I scream to put it out, are good for any occasion or event and you would certainly feel the delight of the warmth from the family members. Let’s not forget that Christmas is also round the corner. Hence, there’s more treat coming your way!

1. Turkey Bowl

Thanksgiving is not just about eating, there’s a lot more to it. Be it a supreme feast or even football. *Did I say that out loud? But here you go!

The movie revolves around a guy who is called out in his hometown for celebrating Thanksgiving. There’s more to it. He was also asked to walk to a football game to face off his previous rivals whom he had a past 15 years ago.

The movie is available to watch on Hulu.

2. Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew

Anne Shirley can never disappoint you for Thanksgiving. You can always count on her and that’s for sure.

Anne of Green Gables was released on Turkey Day and thus, it got associated with Thanksgiving forever. The movie revolves around her going to a school only to find herself lost.

Watch Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew on Amazon

3. Krisha

Krisha is a film that surrounds the life of a woman who comes back to her family on Thanksgiving. She feels abandoned which leads her to a holiday as tense as she could lead.

In 2015, South-by-Southwest Film Festival the movie grabbed Grand Jury and Audience Awards. The Indie dramedy is a must-watch on Thanksgiving.

Watch Krisha on Amazon.

4. Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays takes you on another ride to Thanksgiving. The all-star cast sees Anne Bancroft, Claire Danes, Robert Downey Jr., Claire Danes, and Holly Hunter. Thanksgiving is incomplete without Home for the Holidays.

The story is about a woman who has to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She is fired from her job and then she finds out that her daughter will not join her for thanksgiving.

Watch Home for the Holidays on Amazon

5. Stuck in Love

What is better than Stuck in Love for Thanksgiving?

The film is about a family of writers who encounter the ups and downs in their love life. Watching the movie is an incredible experience and a beautiful one altogether.

A perfect start to Thanksgiving.

Watch Stuck in Love on Amazon.

6. The Oath

The movie will bend your mind, trust me. After all, who likes to discuss politics at their dining table, right?

The Oath will teach you more. The movie is fun, hilarious, and everything more. Oh and most definitely, all the crazy fights that will leave you in splits.

Watch The Oath on Amazon

7. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

You are never old to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. The movie is not as long as you would expect it to be but the nostalgia keeps you intact.

The animated movie is just perfect for a Thanksgiving night and you will understand the significance of a holiday after you watch this one. It’s just 24 minutes but it’s all worth it.

Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on AppleTV

8. National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion

Thanksgiving is about being with your family. This movie is the one that will tell you more than that. We have family members who are in town and then there are family members that are out of town.

Mitch Snider after being contacted by Woodrow, his long-lost cousin to meet during Thanksgiving indicated that he was not up for it.

Problems come along when Mitch, a man who belongs to the city, and Woodrow, a country guy clash together. How many of you can relate to something like this?

Watch National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion on Amazon.

9. Garfield’s Thanksgiving

Garfield, the orange cat, always makes you fall in love with him.

He hosts a Thanksgiving party that takes the kids on the journey to distraction. The movie sets off from a trip to the veterinary doctor and ends up at Grandma’s who nurses a Thanksgiving dinner.

This, in the end, is perfect. Watch to have a Thanksgiving like no other.

Watch Garfield’s Thanksgiving on Amazon.

10. You’ve Got Mail

Thanksgiving Day and Tom Hanks’s encounter with Meg Ryan’s is the best combination ever. The movie is as wonderful as you would want it to be for Thanksgiving and that’s not enough honestly, you would always crave for more.

No one could forget the iconic scene between the duo and that’s what steals the show and the heart.

Watch You’ve Got Mail on Amazon

To Sum Up!

Thanksgiving is around the corner with just a few days to go. Now that all the names are in place, how about you start planning?

C’mon, buckle up for 25th and get that platter ready.

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