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TommyInnit Reveals He has a Girlfriend in New YouTube Video

TommyInnit is not single anymore! The Minecraft YouTuber revealed that he has a girlfriend and even introduced her in his latest YouTube video. He did not reveal the face of his lady love but her voice was heard in the video. TommyInnit addressed her as ‘Em’, 

The streamer’s fans were happy with the announcement, although he made it clear that his girlfriend would remain anonymous and would not appear in his future videos. Read on to know more about TommyInnit new relationship status.

TommyInnit Confirms He has a Girlfriend

TommyInnit, whose real name is Thomas Simons, first teased the premiere of his new video featuring his girlfriend; however, people thought of it as clickbait. He then finally posted the video on YouTube and revealed that his girlfriend goes by the name ‘Em’. 

He could not stop gushing talking about his relationship but did not reveal the full name or the identity of the woman. Many now speculate that ‘Em’ might stand for ‘Emily’. Thomas did not elaborate on how he met the woman and for how long they had been dating.

The Twitch streamer further said that he had earlier also created a ‘story time’ video, talking about the story of his first kiss with ‘Em’. He said that he almost published the video, but then decided against it.

TommyInnit joked that he had initially planned to make the special announcement on Twitter, but the platform would be ‘dead’ soon due to the recent controversial changes. “What with Twitter about to just end, I feel like I want a more permanent place to say this, to announce this,” he added.

TommyInnit Streamed ‘Minecraft with My Girlfriend’ Earlier this year

Four months ago, Thomas shared a Livestream on Twitch titled Minecraft with My Girlfriend. While fans were hoping to see his love interest, the video turned out to be a prank as Twitch star Olive Sleepy featured on the stream as his girlfriend. The two streamers then role-played as a virtual couple.

In the new video, TommyInnit also addressed the joke that he was gay and had a crush on his friend and fellow Minecraft streamer Ranboo. “So for the past year I’ve done a joke that I have a very, very gay crush on my friend, and then you met him. It turned out you are the two most very similar people,” he added.

Fans Expressed their happiness Over the Streamer’s Relationship

TommyInnit revealed that he made the announcement to be more transparent with his fans. His followers then reciprocated by expressing their happiness. A fan commented, “Seeing Tommy being himself with her is somehow so so endearing, I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.”

“He’s one step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a family channe,” wrote another, with a third one commenting, “It’s so cute how much tommy can be himself around his girlfriend. They’re meant for each other, I hope they have an amazing future together!”

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