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Tom Brady Lost A Lot Of Weight During The NFL Season After He Divorced Gisele

In a recent report, Tom Brady is said to have lost 15 pounds quickly, and the claim may seem unbelievable.

Considering the chronology of events, it would be safe to assume that it has happened since he finalized his divorce from Gisele Bundchen a short while ago.

Brady Lost A Lot Of Weight During The 2022 Season

While Tom Brady faced a challenging football season in 2022, he lost considerable weight. According to Jeff Darlington of ESPN, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Matt Ryan has lost significant amounts of weight since the team finished with a losing record last season and as he was divorced from his wife, Gisele Bündchen, at the time. Brady usually plays with 225 pounds of muscle and follows a stringent diet.

“But Brady also knows his mental focus was gone for most of the season. His physical stature, faced with 15 lbs. of weight loss, was also in peril. He felt at times like his preseason anguish ended his chances at success before the regular season had even started.” Darlington said.

There Is A Physical And Emotional Impact On Tom Brady

In the 23 years Brady spent playing football. Yet, two elements remained constant in his life. One thing that stands out about his career trajectory is his dominance and upward trajectory. The second thing that made him so famous was his fairytale romance with Gisele Bündchen and their subsequent marriage. But, despite that, the QB’s life has lacked those elements for a long time.

As the couple drew to a close in their relationship after 13 years of marriage, it was decided to call it quits. As of October 2022, they have announced that their divorce has been finalized. But, this period in the quarterback’s life was undoubtedly characterized by darkness.

As a result of a public split, the separation’s burden manifested physically and mentally. ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington reported that TB12 lost 15 pounds during the season due to his coaching. It is not something anyone would want to deal with, especially someone whose personal life is in the public eye and who has to deal with the physical and mental toll that comes with it.

He has yet to sound as confident and assured as he usually does since winning the seventh Super Bowl in 2009. Instead, the QB made a series of exasperated statements that did nothing to improve the situation, with questions about his future looming ahead.

After returning to the league following a brief retirement, he reportedly became more distant from his ex-wife due to his return to play. Nevertheless, Brady will now have to swallow the bitter pill that he will not be able to perform to the best of his abilities after putting everything on the line, including his family, to succeed.

What Made Tom Brady Come Out Of Retirement And Play Again

After only a couple of months from the NFL, Tom, 44, has announced that he is going back to the field and will no longer be in the stands and is unretiring. “There is a lot of inside baseballs that can be shared, but when it comes down to it,” one of the closest sources to Tom Brady revealed, “Tom Brady loves the game. [He] loves to compete and can still play at an exceptional and elite level.”

Sources say that Tom’s decision to continue playing was obvious and exciting when he spoke with his family these past two months. All of them were in favor of it. There was a great deal of happiness among everyone. There are still many years left for him to play, and he didn’t want to miss out on getting another chance at the Super Bowl.

However, Brady should be able to handle his finances well on the financial side of things if he decides to leave the NFL altogether this Spring. As part of an agreement signed last year with FOX Sports, the NFL icon signed a 10-year, $375 million contract, which would make him one of the network’s most prominent analysts. Hopefully, he will be able to maintain good mental health for the rest of his life. We will be bringing you more celebrity gossip soon.

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