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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date, Time And Preview

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 3 will release on Sunday, 22nd January 2023, at 2:08 AM JST. The new episode will explore the relationship between the Shiba siblings. Mitsuya might make a deal with Taiju Shiba.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date And Time

Tokyo Revengers season 2, episode 3 will release on Sunday, 22nd January 2023, at 2:08 AM JST. Most international fans will be able to watch the show on Saturday, 21st January 2023. The timings will vary across the globe.

The followings are the release date and times:

Pacific Standard Time – 9:08 AM, Saturday, 21st January 2023.

Eastern Standard Time – 12:08 PM, Saturday, 21st January 2023.

British Standard Time – 5:08 PM, Saturday, 21st January 2023.

Indian Standard Time –  10:38 PM, Saturday, 21st January 2023.

Japanese Standard Time – 2:08 AM, Sunday, 22nd January 2023.

Australian Standard Time – 3:38 AM, Sunday, 22nd January 2023.

Where To Watch Episode 3

The show is available to watch on Disney plus for most international viewers. Hulu will exclusively broadcast the series in the United States of America.

What Happened In Episode 2: Recap

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 2 is titled Gotta Go. The episode starts with Takamichi in a games arcade with Hina. Takemichi and the boy in the next aisle are in perfect sync. The boy recognizes Takemichi and introduces himself as Hakkai Shiba, the Vice Captain of the second division.

Furthermore, Takemichi recalls Kazutora telling him about Hakkai, who would become the 11th president of Black Dragon. Again, Hakkai becomes the leader by killing the previous leader for money.

However, Hakkai seems to be a carefree and honest boy who is the same age as Takemichi. They play different games in the arcade and end up hanging out together. Hakkai and his sister invite Takemichi and Hina to their house.

Moreover, while walking home, Yuzuha, Hakkai’s elder sister, tells Takemichi how Hakkai really worships Mitsuya and that they are very close. To his surprise, Takemichi doesn’t seem to understand why Hakkai changed so drastically in the future.

However, when they reach home, Black Dragon members stand outside Hakkai’s home. The members look at Takemichi and acknowledge that he is from a rival gang. Senior member Kokonoi orders members to attack Takemichi.

Suddenly, Hakkai blocks the attack and punches the Black Dragon member. Takemichi is astounded by his raw power. It turns out that the leader of Black Dragon is Hakkai and Yuzuha’s elder brother Taiju Shiba.

Inui tries to attack Hakkai, but Yuzuha interrupts. Takemichi recalls Kokonoi and Inui are ex-black dragon members who later join Toman. At the same time, Taiju appears and attacks Takemichi. Moreover, Taiju ordered Hakkai to beat Takemichi to death.

What To Expect From Episode 3

The new episode will show if Hakkai follows Taiju’s order to beat Takemichi. Mitsuya might enter the scene and make a deal with Taiju. He might let Hakkai join the Black Dragon because Yuzuha will no longer work for them.

Taiju is known for mistreating his younger sister. To protect Yuzuha and Takemichi, Hakkai might join the rival gang. The next episode might also feature Mickey and Draken. Takemichi will have to plan something to prevent Hakkai from turning evil.



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