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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255: A Truce to Beat Sanzu

The stakes in the final battle just got higher as Takemitchy tries to prevent another future vision which could kill everyone in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255.

While fighting Kakucho, Takemitchy is pinned down towards the rail tracks. Here, he sees another vision which could lead to the death of all his best friends. Will Takemitchy be able to save everyone? Or has Mikey gone too far this time by recruiting Sanzu to his side?

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 Release Date

The next chapter in the final battle to get Mikey to the good side has begun and it looks like the fight is just getting serious. Find out how Takemitchy will save his best friends in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 when it comes out on June 1st, 2022. You can read all the previous volumes on the official Kodansha website.

Deadly Vision in Order

We start this chapter by seeing the full vision that Takemitchy saw at the end of the last one. Everyone beaten by their previous fights stands up but the train trips on the track and the whole load of the train falls onto the battlefield.

Seeing all of his best friends and team members being crushed under the train and its load, Takemitchy panics and screams in fear. With no one left, he succumbs to his inevitable defeat. The last thing he sees is Sanzu saying ‘I’ll just kill them all at once.’

Takemitchy wakes up from the vision and notices that his hand is on the rail. Following the trail of the rail, he tries to flee from his fight in an attempt to stop Sanzu from altering the train’s tracks. But Kakucho runs behind him exclaiming that this isn’t a joke for him.

A Short Truce

But Takemitchy makes a run for it knowing that telling Kakucho would only waste time as he would not understand his powers and believe in them. Running behind him, Kakucho catches up to his opponent and strikes him down.

On the command centre of the engines, we see Sanzu searching for the button that would trip over the whole train. But in a turn of events, we see Takemitchy reaching him along with Kakucho.

Kakucho is understandably shocked when sees the vision of Takemitchy being turned into a reality. To end the chapter he offers to call a truce to their ongoing battle. Just to kick Sanzu’s butt and prevent so many deaths from occurring.

What to Expect Next?

Sanzu has proved to be one of the most irredeemable characters on the whole show. Not only is he disliked by fans his reputation in the series itself is also one of a true villain. He has done some horrible things but trying to kill everyone including his own teammates takes the cake.

But this time looks like is the last time Sanzu will be able to stir up trouble at this level. Not only is this the last battle but his actions have led one of his own team members to turn side and beat him up.

Next week we’ll be seeing the fight between Kakucho and Takemitchy against Sanzu in order to save everyone from dying. So check out Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 on 1st June, 2022.

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