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TikTok’s Power Couple, Matt And Abby, Have A Second Baby On The Way

High school sweethearts Matt and Abby, who have become viral TikTok sensations over the past few years, are about to become expecting parents. There is no doubt that this young couple is taking the internet by storm right now.

It has only been a few days since Matt and Abby Howard announced they are expecting their second child.

Abby And Matt Are Expecting Their Second Child

The TikTok power couple Matt and Abby announced they would be pregnant again in 2023. During a recent episode of The Unplanned Podcast, where they opened up about their second pregnancy, the couple, 24 years old, revealed an accident that caused the second pregnancy.

Abby noted that she became pregnant with baby no two as soon as she welcomed Griffin, their first child, into the world in July 2022, about four months after holding Griffin. After getting married in college during their sophomore year, the sweethearts from high school started posting updates about their daily lives as a young couple and as new parents on TikTok in the past few months as they were adjusting to their new life as a young family.

There had been hints pointing toward the good news long before Abby and her team made it public. As mentioned in the latest video, the couple revealed that the second pregnancy was not part of their plans. Their conversation progresses to talk about preparing for a second baby during a time when the first baby is less than a year old, as the episode progresses.

Despite Griffin’s birth, the couple has made it quite clear that they are aware of the secrets of how reproduction works and that they are aware of the dangers associated with the methods they used after Griffin was born. In the recent Unpanned Podcast, Matt discusses how he feels about becoming a second-time father and how he started to notice changes in his wife before they became expecting.

With Wishes From Fans, The Couple Is Showered With Love

Abby and Matt’s fans can’t contain their excitement as they welcome their second child into the world, and they could not be happier for them. There have been countless sweet wishes and messages that have been posted on their videos.

“Did anyone else hear Matt drop hints about it over the last few episodes? I’m so happy for you guys in your first pregnancy,” said one of them.

“Totally called it. The name of the podcast, Matt saying “during your first pregnancy” in the first podcast, the ultrasound pics, and the pillow in front of Abby in the last podcast. Congratulations, you two!” Another person added to the celebration.

“This will be the most surprising news of the month for me! Literally so happy for you guys,” said another fan after the announcement.

They Were High School Sweethearts

As TikTok’s power couple, Abby and Matt didn’t intend to become the world’s most famous couple, but after millions of fans showed them love and support, they understood they were meant to become them. They thought Abby would become a doctor and Matt would be a finance professional, but their love of TikTok changed their career plans.

After becoming pregnant for the first time, the couple rose to further fame when fans could not get enough of the videos they released announcing the pregnancy and the gender of their baby.

It is given that the duo vlogs about their everyday life, but they also often jump on viral trends and challenges, thus attracting fans from all over the world. Currently, The Unplanned Podcast has around 80,000 subscribers on YouTube, and their TikTok channel has approximately 4.9 million followers.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the second pregnancy of the power couple. We want to congratulate them on this fantastic news and wish them all the best as they begin their new journey as parents. We will keep you up to date on all the latest happenings in the world of showbiz.

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