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Three Busy Debras Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

“And More Debra Than Ever”, The HBO Max special series, Three Busy Debras is coming back to our TV screens with another season.

The TV programming network Adult Swin has released a fresh trailer for Three Busy Debras Season 2. The American hit comedy series is returning with more Debra talks and quirky comedy this month.

The cool housewife trio is all set to bring back their Debra selves to our screens with the latest season of one of the most anticipated series this month.

With more delightfully destroyed plots, dark comedy and poignant performances in season 2. Here’s everything you need to know about Three Busy Debras.

Three Busy Debras Season 2: New Trailer Released

For the fans waiting for Debra wives to pay their kind visits to their TV screens, there is relaxing news. The streaming platform, Adult Swim has dropped the much-awaited trailer starring some exciting actors on April 10th.

After quite a long wait, the series debuted in 2020 leaving all the fans waiting forever for their favorite Debra girls to come back and bless us with their daily adventures.

It’s officially a time to get excited as Three Busy Debras season 2 is coming on April 24th. The Debra gang is back with their quirky personalities and a ton of weird events that will take place in the upcoming season. 

The live-action series will be aired on Adult Swim along with a special premiere on HBO Max. The adventures of three top notch perfect housewives is created and written by series stars Honig, Jouhari, and Stonoha. Directed by Anna Dokoza from Shrill. 

The three stars also serve as the executive producers of the show along with Poehler and Kim Lessing. Three Busy Debras is produced under the banner Paperkite Productions and Alive and Kicking inc. 

Three Busy Debras Season 2: Let’s Talk The Trailer

Unpacking it all over again Three Busy Debras is here with its latest season featuring series stars Honig, Jouhari, and Stonoha doing what they usually do.

The trailer starts with Three busy Debras sitting across a dining table which turns violent and sh*t gets funny from there. A quick montage of all the absurd things happening in the background right from people shouting to get milk to a baby dropped into the boiling water.

All of a sudden a girl screaming her lungs out, “How can it get any more dramatic”. Seems like this season is going to hit the roof off. 

Three Busy Debras Season 2: What is it about?

Three Busy Debras tells the story of three women, all called Debra, who live in a fictional town called Lemoncurd, Connecticut.

As their lives go from surreal to normal and back again, the audience is able to understand what it means to be full of life when you are not multitasking and worried about money or happiness for yourself or your family.

The pilot was first developed as a play before creators decided to turn it into a web series with Adult Swim ordering one in 2018 and giving the go-ahead to air it on TV. 

As exciting as the trailer looks, it is sure to trip you with all the absurdness Debras have been cooking since season 1. Let us know in the comments below your favourite part from the series.

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