6 Things you Didn’t Know About Lilly Singh

April 28, 2021 Nila Choudhury     KissMeImNila

Canadian YouTube sensation, Lilly Singh (also known as Superwoman) is rising to stardom at the speed of light—the gorgeous comedian was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” to promote her documentary, “A Trip to Unicorn Islanda” a while back. Singh revealed some little-known facts about herself in this particular interview so check out the details in case you forgot!

1. Lilly Singh owes her dad royalties

When asked if the caricatures of her parents in her videos are actually like her real parents, Singh said that certain elements are true—but it is highly exaggerated. She also revealed that a lot of her lines for her Manjeet character are directly from her real dad…and now he’s asking for royalties! Looks like she owes him some cash!

Lilly Singh owes her dad royalties

2. Lilly Singh’s mom may be cooler than her

Apparently, Singh’s real mom is pretty in tune with pop culture—and knows all the lyrics to Drake’s songs. Singh also confessed that her mom just taught her that The Weeknd’s song is about drugs! As awkward as it is for a desi mom to know what The Weeknd’s songs are about, Momma Singh sounds like she’s pretty awesome.

Lilly Singh’s mom may be cooler than her

3. Singh likes her men classy

When Singh was on tour in Dubai, she was invited out by a guy who called the Prince of Dubai to help get her under-aged backup dancer into a club.

Lilly Singh’s mom may be cooler than her

To get the full effect, I’m going to repeat that: he called the Prince of Dubai! How amazing is that! Clearly, Singh has some classy taste in men with connections in high places. The fellas need to work hard to impress this one!

4. Lilly Singh hits a buzzer for the first time

If you’re a Superwoman fan, you already know how quirky, whimsical and child-like Singh is—her adorable dorky ways are why viewers fell in love with her in the first place. Singh was excessively excited about hitting the buzzer in the fast Family Feud game; apparently, it was her first time hitting a buzzer.

Lilly Singh hits a buzzer for the first time

5. She KILLS IT in fast Family Feud

Singh and Fallon went head to head in a game of fast Family Feud where Singh won every round answering with the top choice! Needless to say, Fallon was impressed and they both did a victory dance.

She KILLS IT in fast Family Feud

6. Singh recommends watching this Nyan cat

In a behind the scenes video for “The Tonight Show,” Singh answered some extra questions including her recommendation for someone who has never seen a YouTube video. Besides one of her own videos, what did the stunning lady recommend? Nyan cat!

Singh recommends watching this Nyan cat

We hear Nyan cat has many adventures, videos in multiple languages and even a 10-hour long video! Check it out!

Lilly Singh has been making us laugh for years—she is equal part fierce gorgeous diva…

About Lilly Singh

…and recklessly awkward dork.

About Lilly Singh

It’s no wonder viewers love this multi-talented star, and her rising fame is well deserved. After an amazing tour spanning 27 cities with 31 shows, Singh is released a documentary based on the tour, “A Trip to Unicorn Island.” Check out the documentary on YouTube Red!

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