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The Whale Trailer Reveals Fraser’s Big Comeback in Aronofsky’s World

Though his next movie is less expansive than some of his other works, it may still contain the same themes that have become so prominent in Aronofsky’s oeuvre: namely, the insignificance of humanity when compared with the universe at large.

The Whale will star Brendan Fraser, giving his fans something to be excited about again. The film will be the actor’s first leading role since 2013’s Breakout – a direct-to-DVD release that was discontinued due to poor sales and scathing reviews.

After the huge reaction at its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Aronofsky’s next hit project, “The Whale” may be his greatest work yet.

The whale is a film that certainly delivered on its promise and garnered rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival. The film is finally reaching its last steps to showcase to the world its excellent work.

The film has released its first trailer which will take the viewers by storm. Here’s everything you need to know about Branden Fraser’s starrer The Whale.

The Whale Trailer Revealing Fraser’s Big Comeback in Aronofsky’s World

A24 has finally released the trailer for the eagerly-awaited Darren Aronofsky film The Whale. This independent production is just a month away from being released in cinemas.

Brendan Fraser had a long hiatus from acting, but now he seems to be back with a vengeance. Shortly after his appearance at the Venice Film Festival, he made waves at film festivals all over the world.

The film was appreciated at a large scale and the efforts of Fraser contemplating the life of 600 pounds weighed man blew away everyone’s minds. The audience gave a six minute long standing ovation to the veteran.

Fraser who was clearly moved by the crowd’s reaction gave an exaggerated bow as he received the love flowing in the air at the theatre.

The trailer takes us into the Whale’s world through the life size visuals and colours. Without any dialogue or plot to speak of, the one-minute trailer for The Whale heroes is an aesthetic piece.

With a few shots that may intrigue viewers (including the long shots of panning into a building right through the sunset around the beach) but not enough to suggest what the movie might be about.

Instead of inserting a lot of dialogue, we simply got the exterior world and what is going on. There are some subtle moments in his corner of Charlie’s universe. 

Meet the Cast 

The Whale is bringing a top-notch star cast right from Branden Fraser. This movie is a total breakthrough for Fraser as he plays numerous different roles, but his role in The Whale was the most challenging and probably his most emotional performance yet. 

Fraser will be joined by the most talked about Stranger Things cast member who single handly topped Kate Bush’s popular track, Sadie Sink will be playing Fraser’s daughter in the film. The film also stars Hong Chau, Samantha Morton and Ty Simpkins.

When is it releasing?

The film is all geared up to release in theatres on December 9th. 

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