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The Walking Dead Season 12: Will the Post-Apocalyptic Show Return?

After 12 glorious years and 11 seasons, AMC’s super hit zombie series The Walking Dead came to an end on November 20. The creators concluded the show with the airing of the last episode, titled Rest in Peace.

While the show ended with the season 11 finale, fans still do not seem to have gotten enough of the horror-thriller series. Many are now wondering if the show will return for its twelfth season. But is The Walking Dead season 12 happening? Read on to find out.

Will The Walking Dead Season 12 Happen?

Unfortunately, The Walking Dead will not be returning for the twelfth season. The show has officially ended with season 11, and the series is not being taken forward. The announcement that the show will end after the eleventh season was made way back in 2022.

To give a proper farewell to the show, a bumper-size 24-episode last season was produced. The series was not canceled by the network AMC. Instead, the makers felt that they had told the story they wanted to, and it was the perfect time to conclude the show as they did not want to drag it out any longer.

The Walking Dead had also outrun its source material, the original comic books by Robert Kirkman, so it made all the more sense for the creators to end the show. Many are also attributing the show’s end to the decline in its ratings. During its peak in 2015-16, The Walking Dead was one of the highest-watched television shows, but the viewership declined over the years.

The Walking Dead Universe will Continue with Multiple Spin-Offs

While the show is not coming back for another season, fans need not worry as The Walking Dead universe is only going to get bigger with a number of spin-offs already in the works. Apart from Fear the Walking Dead, which will air its eighth season next year, AMC will also be launching a Rick and Michonne-based show in 2023.

The yet-untitled spin-off is said to have the potential for multiple seasons. “This series presents an epic love story of two characters changed by a changed world. Kept apart by distance. By an unstoppable power. By the ghosts of who they were. Rick and Michonne are thrown into another world, built on a war against the dead…and ultimately, a war against the living,” reads the official description.

There will also be a series following Maggie and Negan in New York City titled The Walking Dead: Dead City, which is also scheduled to premiere in April 2023. Then, there is a show based on Daryl Dixon as he travels to France to learn about the origin of the virus.

Tales of the Walking Dead, the episodic anthology show that was launched this year, is also reported to continue with further seasons. Looking at all these characters continuing their journey, their storylines could converge one day, which could make up for the premise of The Walking Dead Season 12. However, that seems highly unlikely for now.

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