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The Truth Behind Drax’s Real Color is Here

Drax is hands down most of the most lively and fun characters on Guardians of the Galaxy. But his fun persona should not be mistaken as he is also one of the most dangerous members of the galaxy. The MCU hero is played by the former WWE champion Dave Bautista since 2014 when he first debuted the character on Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Drax is a vicious character who is shown as having a personal vendetta against Ronan the Accuser and Thanos for his family’s death. Over the years, his soft side took over and became a prominent part of his identity as he became closer with the rest of the Guardians.

The Marvel star, Bautista, opened up about the tedious process of getting ready to play Drax. Although he acknowledged what it had done for his career, he also said he was ready to move on as the whole process of getting ready took hours each time and he had to be shirtless a lot.

Bautista Reveals Drax’s Color

Just few hours ago, Bautista posted a picture of Drax on Instagram with the caption “Finally got a solid answer to the question “what color is Drax?” Green? Grey? Blue? Kind of.. Swipe left to find out courtesy of #TeamDrax @ms675 @mrnibs77 @jonmoorefx”.

The slides of pictures showed five bottles of of different colors with ‘step 1’ to ‘step 5’ written on it. This showed how much effort went into his costume each time he dressed up to play Drax. Fans joked about the first picture being empty as he can be ‘invisible’. Another fan commented that ‘His color code is called “Badass”🔥🔥.

Truth Behind Drax’s Skin Color

This is not the first time that the color of his skin has been addressed. Back in April 2021, the director of the Guardians of The Galaxy, James Gunn, tweeted and clarified the long-standing question of Drax’s skin color. He tweeted that “He is gray, but like most things, he can take on a blue or green tint under some lights. But he is definitely gray”.

However, the confusion is understandable as the character traditionally green in the Marvel comics. A fan replied, “me and my roommate are in a heated discussion. WHY DID YOU MAKE DRAX GRAY AND NOT GREEN?”.

The reply to the tweet further revealed how gray was the best and most suited color for Drax’s skin.

Bautista’s Exit As Drax

Bautista has played Drax The Destroyer on screen for many years. While Gunn had hinted several times that Vol 3 would be the last of the Guardians movie, Bautista’s news shocked fans. In an interview, he said that this would be the last time he plays Drax. Part of the reason why he will stop playing Drax is because of the shirtless scenes.

In Vol.2 of the movies, Bautista had spoken about his sensitive nipples. He had also talked about the long and tedious process of putting on makeup. Bautista also mentioned how although he was physically fit, he felt he was getting too old to play the role now.

Bautista’s desire to stop playing Drax shows that there are almost no chances of Drax going solo and creating more content for the fans.

Drax Will Continue To Live Through Fans

The speculation around Drax’s skin color is also reminiscent of the viral gray/blue dress phenomenon a few days back. Hopefully, Gunn’s explanation will help put it all to rest. Although, the fans will continue debating long after Bautista retires Drax.

The debate around the Drax’s skin color is just an example of how invested the fans are in the character and the whole story. Bautista’s portrayal of Drax will remain with the fans for years to come, regardless of whether his skin color was green, blue, or gray.



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