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The Sea Beast Trailer and Release Date Announced by Netflix

Calling everyone who loves animations because your day is about to get a little brighter than usual.

Netflix is all set to take you on an adventurous ride with its upcoming high sea adventure, The Sea Beast. 

From the academy award winner, Chris Williams, director of Moana and Big Hero is presenting another masterpiece into the world of animation with his latest directorial film The Sea Beast. 

The latest animated film is ready to take over Netflix this summer. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season including the plot, cast and other few surprises. 

The Sea Beast Trailer Announcement

Netflix has premiered the trailer of their upcoming animated feature, The Sea Beasts. A story of a sailor hunter who explores the world of the sea and struggles with the unchartered waters.

The film is coming out as a solo project from the director Chris William best known for award winning animated gem  ‘Moana’. 

The Sea Beasts: Trailer

The trailer looks spectacular and pleasing for everyone who’s into animated content.

The film looks promising through the trailer as it shows some thrilling shots of the angry sea and topped it with an exciting background score. 

According to various sources, the film is inspired by fictional monsters on nautical maps from the early 17th century.

Chris Williams on describing himself as History and Map nerd said that he was very keen on opting for the Jackon and the Sea Beasts story.

The Sea Beasts: Do We Have A Release Date Yet?

The streaming giant Netflix dropped the trailer which is doing the rounds on social media as fans are going crazy.

The animated masterpiece is said to hit the platform on July 8th. The all new animated feature is written by Williams and Nell Benjamin. The editing department includes Joyce Arrastia, with tremendous music by Mark Mancina.

The Sea Beasts: Expected Cast (Voice Overs)

The upcoming animated film will feature Featuring the voices of Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dan Stevens, and Kathy Burke.

The Sea Beasts: What is the film about?

According to the mentioned film synopsis, the Sea Beasts tells a story of a time when frightening beasts roared in the seas, Monster Hunters were celebrated heroes and nobody was more revered than Great Jacob Holland.

But when gutsy Maisie Brumble sneaks aboard his vessel, he’s saddled with an uninvited companion embarking on a journey together into the unknown sea and making it history. 

A little about Chris Williams

As his LinkedIn says, He has worked for at least 20 years now, creating animations for some of the biggest studios to date.

Chris Williams is an animation director and screenwriter. He has worked with Pixar Animation Studios  Walt Disney. Some of his best known work includes Bolt and Big Hero 6. He was also the director of Moana. 

Considering the previous movies coming from the Chris Willians banner were outstanding and a few got awards too, The Sea Beasts is surely going to match the expectations. 

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