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The Sandman Soundtrack: Complete List of Songs from the Series

Dream, the titular Sandman, is the main character of The Sandman. When the Sandman, aka Dream, the cosmic being who controls all dreams, is captured and imprisoned for more than a century, he must travel across worlds and timelines to repair the havoc he has caused.

It stars Tom Sturridge as Dream, with Boyd Holbrook, Vivienne Acheampong, and Patton Oswalt filling out the cast. This fantasy drama has an amazing soundtrack, which will be added to our new playlist.

The story is one-of-a-kind, and each character is compelling. The actors do an outstanding job of bringing each character to life. And the visual is incredible. The cinematography and soundtrack are both fantastic and add to the overall feel of the show.

The Sandman Soundtrack 

The Sandman is scored by one & only legendary David Buckley. Let’s look into what David said on the soundtrack.

“I embraced the full orchestra and a choir,” Buckley says. “Early on, I also embraced the viola da gamba and baroque flutes. I incorporated some esoteric sounds that are intentionally hard to define. The main goals of the score were partly to paint a world for the kingdom of dreams, but more importantly to find the emotional heart of each character.”

Let’s Go Over Each Song From The Series

The Kingdom Of Dreams [Main Title Theme]

Meet Ethel Cripps

The Threshold Of Desire

Jessamy’s Flight

The Houses Of Secrets & Mysteries

Dream’s Escape

Johanna & Rachel

The Oldest Game

A Kind Word And A Friendly Face

God Tells Me To Do It

Every Hundred Years

A True Annulet

Dreams Shape The World

The Throne Room Of The Kind Of Dreams 

Jed Walker, Guardian Of Sleepers

Sleep Well, John

New Dreams To Spur The Minds Of Men

Even A Nightmare Can Dream

A Remedy For Poison

The Truth Of Mankind

Into The Vortex

Return To The White House

This Is Fiddler’s Dream

Children Of The Endless

There Is Hope

New Dreams… A New Age

Fortune Go With You

The Sandman Soundtrack Making Was Challenging 

When asked how challenging it was to write a score for Sandman, David stated.

“Yes, it was hugely challenging because it does move all over the place. But what initially seemed daunting eventually became pleasurable; the varied landscapes provided fresh musical opportunities.

Nevertheless, a big part of what I had to do was provide consistency and a musical through-line so that the score didn’t sound too erratic and jumbled as we move from one story/episode to another.”

David was also questioned about the show’s creative process.

He stated, “Same as always, really: listen to the showrunner and creators of the show. They have inhabited this world for way longer than me – I’m one of the last people to turn up to the party! It’s not that I am waiting for orders and expect to be told what to do: that didn’t happen, thank god.

But it’s super important I hear about their journey and truly understand what they are trying to do and what they are trying to make the audience feel. Then it’s a case of trying ideas, sharing with the team and seeing what sticks and what doesn’t.

There was quite a bit of time on this one, although one could always do with more. It took a while to establish a tone, but when we did there was a general sense of relief that the score was helping with the storytelling and helping to create a specific world for our characters.”

What are your thoughts on The Sandman’s soundtrack? You are welcome to leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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