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The Righteous Gemstones Season 3 is Officially on the Cards

The Righteous Gemstones Universe Is Glowing & Growing!

Looks like we have something thrilling to talk about The Righteous Gemstones. The second season of the show was recently concluded, which includes the possibility of a third season.

Believe me when we say that viewers of The Righteous Gemstones are extremely fortunate. Because we have an excellent update for you today. But first, let’s take a closer look at the show’s summary.

This comedy show centers around the Gemstones, a world-famous televangelist family that does not practice what they teach and use their ministry to fulfill selfish objectives and conceal surprising secrets.

They aim to grow their megachurch network, which threatens to drive smaller adjacent churches out of talks. Now let’s dig into the renewal status of a third season. And you’re definitely going to love the news we’ve today.

‘The Righteous Gemstones’ Season 3 Renewal Confirmed by HBO

Congratulations to all of the show’s viewers. You must have understood by now. HBO renewed the series for a third season on January 25, 2022. Some people were aware of the renewal, while others were not.

But it appears that everyone is now aware that their favorite show, The Righteous Gemstones, has been renewed for a third season.

Amy Gravitt the executive vice president of HBO programming stated something about the renewal of the show.

“After a season of literal fire and brimstone, blood, sand, and rollerblading, who wouldn’t come back for more? The Gemstone family makes us laugh like nobody else.”

Future Possibility Of More Seasons

Gordon Green the executive producer hinted to the prospect of additional seasons might be on the cards

We’ve been picked up for a third, and they want us to do another,” Gordon Green stated.

“There are so many shows that I think find that comfort zone. This is our formula. This is our budget, and this is the story, and these are the characters and this is how it works.

And we get to go home and have a normal life. We’re just not that. We’re just too crazy for that. So the second we get comfortable, we think what’s next? What’s bigger? What’s badder? What’s crazier? What’s unexpected?”

We know everyone’s excited after knowing this, but let’s not get our hopes too high. After the premiere of the third season, we will get more insight into what to expect from the fourth. But for the time being, we’re getting a third season.

In Season 2, our blessed Gemstone family is challenged by strangers from both the past and the present who want to overthrow their reign.

Jody Hill and David Gordon Green, who worked with McBride on the screenplay, also serve as executive producers and directors.

The third season’s release date, as well as the shooting date, have yet to be announced. However, we will keep our readers up to date on the shooting update as well as any other future developments.

You can, of course, stay in touch with us. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the show’s renewal.

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