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The Pale Blue Eye Filming Locations: Where was the Christian Bale Starrer Film Shot?

Christian Bale starrer The Pale Blue Eye is the newest entrant to Netflix’s collection of mystery thriller films. The film, based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Louis Bayard, follows detective Augustus Landor as he investigates some horrible murders in the 1830s with the help of a young military cadet and future author, Edgar Allan Poe.

The film features some spooky yet captivating locations that exemplify the overall thrill and mysterious vibe. Audiences are now wondering where The Pale Blue Eye was filmed. Read on to find out.

The Pale Blue Eye Filming Locations

The film was extensively shot in the state of Pennsylvania, with shooting commencing on November 29, 2021, and wrapping up by February 2022. Though the premise of the film is set in West Point, New York, the production team utilized Pennsylvania’s varying landscapes to show the period of the 1800s.

Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor and his wife, who are friends with Christian Bale, have also appeared as extras in the film. Now let’s have a look at all the places where The Pale Blue Eye was filmed.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The major portion of the film was shot in and around the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. The cast and crew were seen filming on Lake Arthur, which served as the Hudson River in the movie. The team set their camp at Moraine State Park and shot at several places in the city, including the Allegheny Cemetery and the Old Economy Village in Beaver County.

The first schedule of the shoot began in Laughlintown, a township in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, where the team shot a few scenes at the Compass Inn Museum. The historic museum is situated at 1386 US-30 East and is enlisted in the National Register of Historic Places. It passed off as an 1830 tavern in the film.

Laughlintown’s Penguin Court and Thomas Road Farm also served as the filming locations. Production manager of the film, Pete Silbermann, talked about why they decided to set their base in Pittsburgh and said, “Visually, it absolutely suits the story. Scott [the director] fell in love with it when he saw it, and it absolutely works beautifully for the film.”

“So much in the greater Pittsburgh area and Pittsburgh do the same thing. The architecture is fantastic. When you find something that looks so old even though they’ve renovated a bit and it suits the story, you feel fantastic about it,” he added.

Lawrence County and Somerset County, Pennsylvania

The production team was seen rolling the cameras in Westminster College in New Wilmington, Lawrence County, in December 2021. The college is known for its Gothic style and served as West Point Academy in the film. Some scenes were also recorded at the McConnells Mill State Park in Perry and Slippery Rock Townships, Lawrence County.

Additionally, the cast and crew were also spotted in Somerset County in Pennsylvania. The county is famous as the Roof Garden of Pennsylvania and is known for its agricultural industry, vast fields, and state parks.

The Pale Blue Eye is now streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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