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The Outwaters Filming Locations: Where was the Horror Film Shot?

The Outwaters, which released a few days ago in cinemas, is now being touted as one of the creepiest movies ever been made in Hollywood. The film is a treat for horror fans; however, audiences are also reported to be throwing up, with their heart rates going up from the sheer terror unfolding on screens.

The found-footage film revolves around four friends who encounter mysterious and threatening phenomena while shooting a music video in the Mojave Desert. The visuals and background music are said to be the main reasons behind the film’s impact. So where were the horrific visuals of The Outwaters shot? Read on to find out.

The Outwaters Filming Locations

The film has been shot in Mojave Desert, California; Death Valley, California; Los Angeles, California; Bridgewater, New Jersey; and Claremont, California. Now let’s have a look at each filming location in detail:

Mojave Desert, California

The premise of the film is set in the Mojave Desert, and hence a number of shots were filmed in real locations in the desert. The region is known for its haunting landscapes and harsh atmosphere, which made it the perfect location to shoot a horror flick. 

The desert, named after the indigenous Mojave people, is situated between the southern Sierra Nevada mountains and Transverse Ranges. The Outwaters director Robbie Banfitch talked about his experience of shooting in the Mojave Desert in a statement.

He said, “It [The Outwaters] was filmed in the dark and dust and along the sand-swept highways of the Mojave. I’m proud of what our cast and crew accomplished together and will look back on this shoot as one of the best times of my life.”

Death Valley, California

Death Valley is another desert in California, situated to the north of the Mojave Desert. It is said to be the hottest place on earth. The cast and crew of the film were seen filming some key desert scenes in the valley. Earlier, films, including Star Wars, Blade, and War for the Planet of the Apes, were also shot in the region.

Los Angeles, California

The shots involving Robbie, the aspiring filmmaker’s daily life in Los Angles, were shot in the Little Armenia neighborhood in the city. Being the home to Hollywood, Los Angeles serves as an easily accessible location for several productions. The city is also home to a number of studios.

Previously, a number of successful films like 300, The Amazing Spider-Man, Avatar, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Cast Away, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Rush Hour 3, M3GAN, X-Men: First Class, The Notebook, XXX: State of the Union, and The Karate Kid were also filmed in Los Angeles.

Bridgewater, New Jersey

The production team of The Outwaters was also spotted filming some sequences in the township of Bridgewater in New Jersey. The township is situated in Somerset County in the Raritan Valley region. Bridgewater is the regional commercial hub for the county and serves as a suburban bedroom community of New York City.

Claremont, California

Some scenes were also taped in the suburban city of Claremont in California. The production team especially utilized a studio in the city to shoot some horror sequences. Claremont is known for its historic building and tree-lined streets. The city previously hosted the filming of Bird Box, Gilmore Girls, and Thinking Out Loud.

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