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The Outwaters Explained: The Horror Film Making People Throw Up in Cinemas

The Outwaters, a recently released horror flick, is said to have scared the audience so much that some people had to leave the theaters to vomit, while others reported having a high heart rate after watching the film.

Viewers are calling the found footage film one of the creepiest and scariest movies they have watched in a long time. The film follows a group of friends who go to the Mojave Desert to shoot a music video; however, things quickly turn spooky. But why is the film giving people nightmares? Here is everything we know so far.

Audiences Throwing Up in Cinemas with Fear After Watching The Outwaters

The 1 hour 50 minutes long film was released in select cinemas in the US on February 9, followed by its streaming release on the horror streaming service Screambox on February 17. The film also premiered at the New Jersey Film Festival in February last year.

The Outwaters is presented as found footage from memory cards of four friends who go missing in the Mojave Desert while shooting a music video. The group then comes across mysterious and threatening phenomena which involve creepy visuals and bloody encounters.

Film director and lead star Robbie Banfitch has revealed that he wanted to capture the film in such a way that it shows the perspective of the protagonist, Robbie Zagorac, and what goes on inside his head as he deals with the horrors in the desert.

The Outwaters Made Me Uncomfortably Dizzy,’ Says a Viewer

A number of viewers are now expressing how they felt uneasy and scared after watching the film. “#TheOutwaters is one of the most deranged nightmares I’ve chosen to sit through in a while. I quite literally was trembling in multiple parts. The sound is absolutely HELLISH,” tweeted viewers.

Another audience member felt dizzy while watching the film and wrote, “I’m still processing #TheOutwaters. I am not sure if it worked for me. The sounding made me so uncomfortably dizzy that I had to leave the theatre to vomit. This never happened to me before. It’s more disturbing than scary if that makes any sense.”

A viewer also said his Apple Watch alerted ‘high heart rate’ when watching the film. “The last half of #TheOutwaters felt like a panic attack. I think I’m sleeping with the lights on. Truly terrifying movie,” tweeted another viewer.

The Film Won Best Feature Award at a Couple of Horror Film Festivals

The film has so far received mixed reviews from critics but has been loved by horror fanatics. It has a 71% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. It has also won Best Feature awards at a couple of horror film festivals, including the Dead of Night Film Festival and Footage Festival.

The official synopsis of the film reads, “An excursion to the Mojave Desert turns creepy when a group of campers starts to experience unexplained sounds, vibrations, and unnatural animal behaviour. Then one night, everything changes, sending the foursome on a mind-bending trip through terror.”

Apart from Robbie Banfitch, the film also stars Angela Basolis as Angela Bocuzzi, Scott Schamell as Scott Zagorac, Michelle May as Michelle August, Leslie Ann Banfitch as Leslie Zagorac, Aro Caitlin as Aro Aguilar, Christine Brown as 911 Operator and Nancy Bujnowski as Flight Attendant.

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