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The Originals Season 6 is Officially Cancelled but Fans are Still Searching for it

My So-Called Company, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, and Warner Bros. Television present The Originals, an American drama television series. Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Charles Michael Davis, and Phoebe Tonkin star in the show.

The Originals, starring Hayley Marshall, premiered on The CW on October 3, 2013. There have been five seasons so far. Based on 112,840 user votes, the series presently has an IMDb rating of 8.2 out of 10.

Originals Season 6 Is Officially Cancelled

Unfortunately, the series has been officially cancelled by The CW. There are no plans for a sixth season. The Originals has been officially cancelled by The CW. The Originals’ fifth season will be the final one. The CW has no plans for the following season, but we never know. Season six has not been planned or scheduled as of June 2021. Please sign up for updates below and join the discussion in our forums if you want to be notified of any changes. You can also go to the IMDb page for The Originals.

The Originals: Plot

A family of power-hungry thousand-year-old vampires seeks to reclaim the city they built and rule over everyone who has wronged them.
The Originals is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries that is set in New Orleans and follows the Mikaelson siblings, also known as the world’s original vampires Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. Klaus must now assassinate his protégé, Marcel, who is now in charge of New Orleans, in order to reclaim his city as he intended. After being pursued by his father Mikael, Klaus fled the city while it was being built, and Marcel assumed command.

The Originals Season 6: Reason Behind the Cancellation

After the fourth season, the show’s ratings began to decline, and viewers criticized the storyline for being too predictable.

On July 20, 2017, it was confirmed that the program would not be renewed after season 5. Julie Plec, the show’s creator, made the revelation on Twitter shortly before heading to Comic-Con that year.

“Having power over a series’ ending is both a blessing and a curse. Many shows aren’t fortunate enough to have a say in when the show ends… “It’s always bittersweet to end a show, but it’s a great blessing to be a part of that decision,” Julie Plec adds.

The Originals: Show’s Conclusion

“When The Saints Come Marching In,” the final episode of The Originals, opened off where the previous episode left off, with Klaus on the verge of killing himself in order to completely destroy the Hollow and save Hope. Hope knocks him out just as he’s ready to do so, and she takes Klaus back to New Orleans with her Uncle Elijah so he may say his goodbyes properly. Caroline, Klaus’ old flame, visits New Orleans for a final farewell and advises him on how to say goodbye to his daughter. Klaus says his farewell and has an emotional heart-to-heart with Hope during the Mikaleson clan’s final meal before heading off with Rebekah and Elijah to stake his claim. Klaus tells Rebekah that Caroline has the solution for her curse waiting in Mystic Falls before committing vampire suicide. Meanwhile, Freya has persuaded Vincent to be the father of her and Keelin’s kid. The season 5 finale of The Originals ended with an emotional surprise, with Elijah informing Klaus that he intends to die alongside his brother before they stake each other, putting an end to the Hollow’s terrible power for good and assuring Hope’s safety.

Even though the show ended with the season 5 finale, the shared Vampire Diaries and Originals universe continued. Legacies, a new spinoff series centering on Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) from The Originals, launched in 2018 and will return in October 2019.

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  1. I love the show, I super looovvvveee it. I’ve been crying for the last episode and I was hoping that it will have a season 6. I want to know if Elijah and Klaus found peace. If Vincent, Freya and Keelin do have a baby, if Hope had a cousin, if Rebekah gets her cure….I wish they will have season 6.

  2. I really got into the Originals it has been the best season drama so far. I loved the idea how family stuck the together thru all triumphs and trials. It represented the way a family should be the message was truly clear of love and hate between all species. I hope to to watch season 6 and more soon.

  3. Please think abt some kind of more originals episodes (Greatest) tv show ever how the actors make u believe that monsters exist but even monsters have honor respect love for family, the character Nicklaus is amazing how he makes u love a psychotic maniac , Elisha the noblest of vampires yet the worst of killers , Rebecca Cammi melt our hearts even the priest played his part to a T…. Please bring it back u have a lot of the family still alive n the rest could be ghosts….sincerely jimmy

  4. Please bring The Originals back!! The final episode was so well done that I had to turn it off for a few minutes because I couldn’t even breathe.
    Do the brothers find peace? We need to know!!

  5. I love the Originals, I have watched many vampire shows and this far exceeds any of them! The actors in the originals play their parts so well! How Klaus is not a bigger star Than he is crazy! No better vampire can or has ever acted like him that had so many talents, those tears! Even when he was bad he was still awesome! Bring this show back!! Best vampire show ever! Sad when I found out this was canceled. All the main actors and actresses were incredible in their acting abilities. Vampire diaries comes in second!

  6. The originals… have got me through my dark days. I’ve been feeling so low and the only thing that has got me through is watching the originals. So disappointed there’s no season 6. Would really appreciate more seasons I need my daily fix…..

  7. I would love for season 6 to come on. I watch every season starting from Vampire Diaries season 1 episode 1. Up until season 5 of the Originals.


  9. I just finished watching the best serie ever, filled with emotions of love and hate and everyting in between. Its a shame this show came to an end, with two great brothers killing eachother for a better future for the world . Please bring it back!!

  10. True this show is so full of mix emotion I was not expecting it to end like this. Please bring it back, why all the good series end so sudden with so many questions.

  11. Absolutely love this series. Was watching it on Netflix. Got to season 2 episode 13. And Netflix took it off 😡. Never mind tho has I bought the box set 😁 please bring it back Would love a season 6. Please bring it back. You could put the originals a vampire Diaries together that would be amazing 🙏

  12. When I don’t know what to watch I find myself rewatching the originals over and over. WS very excited for hope but the thrill is in seeing her grow into her family and discover more family secrets maybe even her parents didn’t know about. The thrill is also family members coming back to life. Thinking the witches in New Orleans bring her father and uncle back as witches? So many opportunities!!

  13. Please let the Originals back on I would pay to see it again come on I have watched on Netflix about 10 times already and it was so good.

  14. So disappointed this show has been canceled. I hope they change their minds and start shooting season 6. If they do, I hope to be notified so I can watch it.

  15. I can’t take it!! I couldn’t stop crying when Klaus and Elijah took each other’s lives! I’m still crying as we speak.. I didn’t want them to die. I need to see a season 6!! We still have 3 other Mikaels living and an extended family to follow. I guarantee you if there’s a season 6, it will be watched through out the country and I promise you, your viewers would reach an all time high!!

  16. Why stop such a successful series? I’ve been ill for years. After my liver transplant, watching tv was about my only comfort while recovering for eighteen months.

    Now, here I am, four episodes from the end of the fifth season and desperate for seasons six, seven, eight, nine, ten ad infinitud! The acting was superb, the plot lines intriguing, and we truly need to have something interés to watch that so perfectly shows the racial discord and bigotry that permeates society without calling it that.

    The program is a perfect parable to AMERICA today. There are lessons to be learned in each episode. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  17. Bring the originals BACK. We deserve the series to continue. I miss Niklaus the true monster and absolute lunatic that everyone loves

  18. Bring it back PLEASE!!! I’m binge watching it now for like, aww 3/4 time Originals is the best show CW has!!! Someone bring it back!!

  19. sou muito fã series maravilhosa eu ja assistir mas 10 veses esperoando novas temporadas aqui no Brasil
    todos fãs no mundo todo esperando não somente 6 tempora mas sim varias temporadas ser grande espetáculo

  20. Please bring the original back🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Hope with the twins together are very powerful Witches they can bring back Niklaus, Elijah and Hayley back and you can create more seasons Please🙏🏼Please 🙏🏼Please🙏🏼 It’s a wonderful show that must continue ❤️

  21. They can’t stop!!!! I have watched the whole thing and it leaves us sad!! Rebecca needs happiness let her have Maricel. Hayley and Elijah need to come back to be happy together. Hope needs them and her dad. Please do another season

  22. In these times we live on we should have a season 6. It would be something to look forward to besides this horrible pandemic! The originals gave us something to put our attention to beside this horrible nightmare we all face with wearing these horrific masks. Bring something worth watch!!

  23. It can’t end! Davins stops the death of Elijah and Nicklaus but first resurrected Hayley. They need to all end happily ever after. Always and forever!
    I know it’s just a show but life has been crazy and his fantasy family was a wonderful distraction.

  24. I need the Originals in my life.. Please bring them back and find a way for us to have Klaus and Elijah back or at least know that they are at peace, but we really would love to have them back… But the show in general seems to have meant a lot to so many people, you all should really think about bringing it back..

  25. Idc what anyone says it wasn’t predictable at all it was an amazing show that should’ve continued and if y’all do have thoughts of continuing it it’s definitely possible to save it from the death scene it needs to be back it had drama comedy and enough action legacies is t as interesting

  26. Need to bring The Originals back . It’s not finished we want to know if Eliga and Klaus is at peace, How Hope goes on without her uncle and father ,The baby Fraya is wanting I could go on loved the series.

  27. If you renewed Legacies, You would have to renew this! It’s so much better! The Legacies only got good when Rebecca, and Freya show up it is so exciting to see them from The Originals! The O.G.s and since the Tribrid was born! It reminds us of Klaus! Man please bring The Fam back! Maybe even if into Legacies! We need Klaus and Elijah back for good! And Rebecca and Freya! Even Hope can stay if you bring them back!

  28. Dear Julie Plec, I never been very much fascinated by this show. I just started watching the originals last month (November 2021) on Netflix and I can not stop crying. I love the originals very much I’m truly a fan ! Please consider a return on the originals there’s still fans til this very day and new ones like myself watching this. Iv recommended the show to my friends and family. Please please pleaaaaaseee bring back the originals 🥲❤️ P.s. I’ll be patiently waiting and so will every other fan thank you.

  29. Please personally the originals is my best series I can even watch everyday and repeat it again and again…kindly go on with season six we need more episodes and seasons 🙏🙏🙏.. please don’t kill our joy

  30. Please bring back the ORIGINALS. It made me cry at the last season, it made me realize the ALWAYS AND FOREVER of FAMILY vow. But i hope it wont be the last.

  31. Since I watched the last episode I can’t help to think that the two brothers who faced so much together throughout there lives had to come to such an end. I appreciate how much Klaus has changed, that he would give he’s life for others he is truly redeemed, and Elijah at the end stayed true to who he is from the beginning, truly honorable. They deserve to have an ending with their family ALWAYSANDFOREVER.

  32. Please bring back Klaus and Hayley these two are dynamic together. I love watching this love/hate relationship between them. Netflix but the originals and bring it back. Best series I have watched in a long time

  33. This is the second time in my life that i comment on a tv show,first was the blacklist now is the originals.it was a very good tv show , i saw it in 2022..epic,the dialogues,the drama,the power,all was perfect.to bad that who ever was in charge of the story limited to 5 seasons,with all this chemestry they could accomplish more that 10 seasons,supernatural after 6 seasons i got bored..but kept going for much more..great show

  34. It is June 2022 & I am Into season 5 of The Originals. Isn’t it time someone got their act together…….hello networks, Netflix, Amazon prime which does have all 5 seasons and get a come back for one of the greatest series ever. I also am very ill & these series give tons of fans something worthwhile to connect to & even if just for awhile helps forget our own ailments. NOW SOMEONE PLEASE LISTEN & make multi millions of viewers happy again tyvm!!!

    • OMG this series was so good. I didnt watch TVD too much after season 1, it was too teenagery for me (late 50’s) but came across this series on Netflix (only showing until end of June). Klaus’s character and Elijah are what had me coming back and finishing. The ending, while I understood it, I hated it. I actually cried, but now if there is any spin offs they wont be able to come back. I did catch the ending of Legacies, just so I could see the message to Hope from Klaus. THEY REALLY NEED TO BRING SOMETHING BACK FORM THIS SERIES, BASED IN NOLA….SUCH A FANTASTIC SERIES!

  35. I just finished The Originals, WOW! Its hard to find something that is supernaturally in content and for adults (not teens). Klaus truly made this show. The ending was so well done even I cried! I hated it (now they can never come back) but completely understood why it had to take that direction. Im sure you guys can make a spin off of this one (not like Legacies -teens), something from New Orleans, which also was a great touch. I have looked at all the followings, its almost as big as TVD (again for teensish). This was more for adults, since they were much older and the characters and plots were so intense. Looking forward to what comes next.

  36. It’s one of the best shows on CW give us more it was an amazing show. I miss main characters that passed just give us a couple
    more seasons and then I’ll finally shut up lol

  37. just so everyone knows, usually the best way to save a show, instead of commenting on something like this, is to start a petition online and get signatures for it. i just seen a lot of comments here about it, i know i looked one up for a sitcom that was canceled on a cliffhanger once a couple years ago and there were already a few 100,000 signatures on it when i signed so it probably helps when they can send stuff like that in to the companies to try and bring it back.

  38. OMG CW don’t cancelled we love all the actors we need more of the original I can watch theme all day AGAIN up on the coach with a blank and coffe WATCH theme again we need all of our witches and wolves to come back love the drama love chapters and MYSTERIES we need to see the return of Klaus and Elijah there are the stars that keep us edged of our seats.


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