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‘The Menu’ Release Date, Trailer and Cast Details

There’s been a recent upswing in the general public’s interest in food and cooking, which has probably had an impact on movies as well.

The fact that more people are going out to watch movies than ever before means that we’re getting a whole new crop of chefs, cooks, and foodies who want something more than just a movie that’s about food—they want to be entertained by someone who knows what they’re doing. 

But with the advantages of living in an age of culinary renaissance, there also has been a downfall in exposing the ugly side of the most fascinating industry.

A recent surge in interest in gourmet cooking has changed the way movies are made, exposing general audiences to a variety of cultures through films about food. Giving out details to the general audiences may not have been aware of otherwise. 

Inspired by the above context, the renowned director Mark Mylod is bringing one of the most hysterical and absurd kitchen experiences of all time – The Menu.

The film is already making roars on the internet for its possession of brilliant actors tasting the weird food combinations in the movie. Here is everything you need to about one of a kind cooking film, The Menu.

The Menu Trailer Serving Murders In The Name Of Exotic Cuisines

It might not be time yet for your meal, but the first sizzling appetizer is ready! There’s a new trailer for The Menu out now, with Anya Taylor-Joy starring in the comic-horror detective thriller. 

The mystery horror in the trailer for The Menu shows that you’re someone who is likely to be charmed by extravagance. We see an artefact of the film’s plot when we’re introduced to a world of culinary experiences which are so excessive they border on being sinister.

The trailer for the film depicts an unsettling and offputting, cult-like atmosphere. The disquieting music combined with Taylor Joy’s incredibly unnerved facial expressions makes it apparent from the outset that this is to be an extraordinary, unprecedented restaurant. 

When is The Menu Releasing?

The Menu is going to serve its full course meal with the star studded actors and the intense story exclusively in the theatres on November 18th.

There have been some speculations coming for a digital release but there have been no streamers attached to the film yet. 

Who all are in the cast?

The film boasts a clean slate of acting legends and award winning artists including the famous Ralph Fiennes entering the film as the dynamite cult villain. Another slayer featuring the ‘Queen’s Gambit’ protagonist, Anya Taylor-Joy plays the lead as Margot in the film.

The film also stars Hong Chau, Janet McTeer, Judith Light, Reed Birney, Paul Adelstein, Aimee Carrero, Arturo Castto, Mart St. Cyr, Rob Yan, and John Leguizamo.

The film is directed by Mark Maylod who is a household name from Succession. Written by  Seth Reiss and Will Tracy.  Production heads for The Menu include Adam McKay, Betsy Koch, DanTram Nguyen, Katie Goodson-Thomas and Zahra Phillips. 

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