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‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Season 7 Winner: See Who Won the Golden Mask Trophy

The winner of the Fox singing competition The Masked Singer has been announced. On Wednesday, Firefly, The Prince, and Ringmaster went up against each other in the finale of season 7 of The Masked Singer to win the grand prize. Keep reading to find out who won this season of the singing contest.

The Prince took over the stage of the singing show’s grand finale first

In his final performance, the clue package displayed a Glee Club alumni, a Broadway sign,  a picture of Ryan Murphy set against an American flag, a button, and a cat. The Prince said, “A vote for me is a vote for love. Finding the love of my life taught me to leave the hard times in the past and pour my heart and soul into everything I do.”

The royal performed on Coldplay’s song Viva La Vida and McCarthy described his performance as “Unbelievable.” The judges thought that The Prince could be Ricky Martin, Ben Platt, or Matt Bomer.

Firefly came up next

Next in line was Firefly, her clue package included a keyboard and the numbers 5, 6, 7, and, with an emphasis on 7 and a baseball net. The bug said, “Now comes the most important decision of your voting lives. Team Firefly or Team Firefly, it’s that simple.”

Firefly further added, “Joining this competition meant that I had to face my fears and come out of retirement. I refuse to fade away. And being on the stage has allowed me to shine bright again. Never give up on Firefly and I’ll never give up on you.”

The Firefly went all the way to judges while dancing on Usher’s Bad Girl. The panel of judges thought Firefly could be Brandy, Monica, and Teyana Taylor.

And the last performance was given by Ringmaster

Ringmaster started by talking about her childhood love of music on the stage of the singing competition. In her clue package, she said, “Over the years the music has been silenced and my life took a different path.”

The clue package of Ringmaster consisted of Simon Cowell, the number 80, a Disney mouse, and a horse with a broken heart. Ringmaster sang Gravity by Sara Bareilles. The judges tossed out actresses Lucy Hale, Hayden Panettiere, and Hailee Steinfeld as options for Ringmaster’s identity.

Who won season 7 of ‘The Masked Singer’?

This season, all the three finalists came from Team Good. At the end of the day, there can be only one winner. Taylor Teyana as Firefly was crowned the winner of season 7 of The Masked Singer on the grand finale that took place on May 18, 2022.

Judges Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke guessed correctly as they stated Taylor would be under the Buzzy outfit.

The Goldbergs star Hayley Orrantia was the runner-up as Ringmaster, followed by Call Me Kat star Cheyenne Jackson came in the third-place as The Prince.

During an interaction with Variety Orrantia said, “I thought ‘Masked Singer’ would be a fun experience that would confuse audiences because not many people know I am a musician. However, music has always been my first love and I have been releasing music independently between filming seasons of The Goldbergs.”

On the other hand, Jackson told the media outlet, that he found the show “was harder than I thought it would be. I wasn’t sure it was live and I didn’t anticipate how hot and sweaty and difficult it is to actually sing with a big mask on.”

He put light on the most difficult parts and further added, “The weight of the mask, using your neck muscles to hold your head up when you should be relaxing them to sing.”

Cheyenne also talked about the guesses of the judges and continued, “[they] made me crack up every week. I figured at first they’d go the athlete route initially cuz of my size and my big legs but then when they started honing in, they started guessing quite literally all of my peers. I was laughing inside my frog head.”

The fans’ reaction to the grand finale of ‘The Masked Singer’

As soon as the name of the winner of season 7 of the singing competition was announced, the fans couldn’t keep their calm, they took to the social media platform Twitter to share their opinion and excitement.

One user wrote, “The previous seasons were good, but this one is just disappointing that the good singers keep being eliminated and the trantrum throwing, drama queen is getting rewarded for bad behaviour. Congrats to ringmaster, but both her and prince deserve better.” #TheMaskedSinger

Another user wrote, “This some rigged shit. Hayley Orrantia deserved that win a thousand times over. Maybe even Cheyenne deserved it. Teyana Taylor was not very good in my opinion. Definitely not better than Hayley and Cheyenne. That’s just a fact.”

Followed by a user who penned, “I’m so happy @TEYANATAYLOR won!!! Fuck all you white people saying that random lil girl should have won. She’ll be fine. She’s gonna have an album by the end of the year. Relax” #TheMaskedSinger

One user tweeted, Really @MaskedSingerFOX? Since when do we reward tantrums? When she stomped off stage for being in the bottom two that should have been a clue to part ways. Price and ringmaster were robbed and EVERYONE sees that.” #fireflytantrum #crybaby

Another one wrote, “I’m kinda very disappointed so much that Frog Prince not made it to the final two and singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and that his performance will be one of the greatest finale performance ever.”#ThePrinceMask #TheMaskedSinger

One user wrote, “According to Cheyenne Jackson after he was revealed to be Frog Prince, he was supposed to have singing the most powerful song ever Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen! This is another missing opportunity to see a contestant singing a song like that again.” #ThePrinceMask #TheMaskedSinger


These were a few reactions of the fans to the grand finale of the singing contest. We send our hearty congrats to Teyana Taylor on winning the singing competition The Masked Singer. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from showbiz.

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