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The Highly Anticipated ‘Smile’ Trailer Is Here To Make Your Smiles Go Away

We often remember people and associate our memories with them through their smiles. Smiling is one of the best ways to make your place in someone’s heart. But imagine this, you are forced to not smile and make someone’s day.

Yes, as weird as it sounds, the upcoming horror thriller from the directorial debut of writer and director Parker Finn brings a strange yet gripping take on smiles.

The film has set some high expectations through its short clips and teasers released so far. The film ‘Smile’ is already looking to count as one of the incredible works to come out this year. 

The latest trailer for Smile takes us into the horrific world focusing largely on the investigation into what’s making her feel so unsafe and the resulting horror.

The core of the footage is to inspire a sense of horror, rather than just using an easy scare. Check out this article to know more.

The Highly Anticipated Smile Trailer Is Here To Make Your Smiles Go Away

Paramount Pictures has released the final trailer for the psychological horror ‘Smile’ that is sure to make your frown face stay for a little while.

Smile promises to terrify the genre lovers with its eerie imagery and provide a few early reviews that are sure to make new fans of the film.

It will be available later this month. The final Smile trailer is a bit shorter but still manages to give you something in less than two minutes.

With the new trailer, viewers are teased with further imagery of the ‘central alarming smile’ and a hair-raising soundtrack of ‘slashing strings’ and punchy crescendos.

In addition, an array of positive early responses to the film appear on screen throughout.

The clip begins with Rose Cotter (Bacon) visiting a prisoner who asks why he is the only one to survive while all others who have seen “it” die. She responds, “I don’t know – I’ve seen it.” The prisoner then becomes hysterical.

The trailer follows up with a series of horrifying incidents showcasing Dr. Cotter being scared and startled by strangers wearing horrifying grins. It also indicates that it will be very much its own thing.

When is Smile releasing?

The supernatural horror film had a big premiere at the annual Fantastic Festival on 22nd September where the film has received tremendous reviews making it a solid stand for 79% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The theatrical premiere of Smile has been slated for September 30th. The film is also looking for an exclusive screening in selected locations on Sept. 29th. 


If you loved Sky from 13 reasons why you should definitely look out for stellar performances from Sosie Bacon in the pivotal role. The film also stars Jessie T. Usher, Kyle Gallner, Robin Weigert, Caitlin Stasey, Kal Penn, and Rob Morgan.

If reviews are any indication, Smile is going to leave a lasting impression on viewers. This movie is impressing an overwhelming majority of the audience who have seen it so far.

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