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The Gray Man Filming Locations Explored in Detail

The Gray Man will be available to watch on Netflix on July 22, 2022. However, here’s an early update on the upcoming movie. If you’re curious about the filming locations and want to go exploring virtually, there are plenty of places.

The movie revolves around when the CIA’s most skilled mercenary, Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six, inadvertently reveals dark agency secrets, he becomes a prime target and is pursued around the world by psychopathic former colleague Lloyd Hansen and international assassins.

Let’s Explore The Filming Locations Of The Gray Man

Do you want to know where the filming started? Filming was scheduled to begin in Long Beach, California, on January 18, 2021, but was postponed to March 1, 2021. Long Beach is an ideal destination for any celebration and imagines filming over there.

However, that is not the only location featured in the movie. In the spring, it was shot in Europe, including Prague, the Czech Republic, and the Château de Chantilly, France. To be more specific, filming in Prague began on June 27, 2021, and ended on July 31, 2021.

But what about going over everything in detail? That sounds like a fantastic deal.

Long Beach, California

Let’s talk about the first location. A fantastic location for filming and a wonderful place to visit. Long Beach is a Southern California coastal city and port. The city’s waterfront attractions are well-known.

The property around Rainbow Harbor, renowned to locals as The Pike, is the most famous thing in Long Beach. It is a waterfront location with an amusement park, shopping, and restaurants.

The RMS Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner and museum ship docked in Queensway Bay. Long Beach is an excellent place to unwind and enjoy some beach time. The beaches around town have calmer waters, making them ideal for swimming and relaxing. Long Beach offers a diverse range of activities.

Central Prague, Czech Republic

If you’ve been to Prague’s center during the time of the shooting, you’ve probably noticed some closed-off streets and traffic diversions. That’s because of the filming of The Gray Man. The location included Karlín. It then proceeded downtown.

Throughout the week, shooting scenes actually took place around the Futurama office complex on Za Invalidovnou Street, as well as around the school at Lyčkovo náměstí and Pernerova streets.

It also includes Pernerova Street, Šaldova, Křižíkova, Lyčkovo nám., Kaizlovy sady, Sokolovská, Sovova, and Kubova streets.

Instead of an actual Prague tram, a custom-made prop was used. The trailer for The Gray Man shows Ryan Gosling riding on a high-speed tram barreling through the city center for about 15 seconds.

Anthony Russo stated about the location. “It’s one of the most beautiful cities and is normally packed. But the fact that the city was emptier than usual actually helped us out in terms of the amount of real estate we were able to control and shoot.”

The Château De Chantilly In France

The Château de Chantilly is a historic French château in the Oise town of Chantilly. The Petit Château was constructed around 1560 for Anne de Montmorency. And the Grand Château, devastated during the French Revolution and reconstructed in the 1870s, is both connected to the location.

The Musée Condé, the château’s arts center, residences one of France’s exquisite compilations of works of art.

“We wanted to be very ambitious with this movie,” Anthony Russo said. “It is hard to shoot action. It’s expensive to shoot action, and Netflix was up for this level of ambition.”

This location has also been used in a number of movies. What are your thoughts on the filming locations? You are welcome to leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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