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The Good Doctor Season 6 Trailer is here Highlighting The Aftermath Of The Cliffhanger

There has been a huge update coming all the way from the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Since its inception, The Good Doctor has been on its edge with five successful seasons that have only raised the bar for the upcoming shows.

The Good Doctor is a refreshing take on the medical drama genre. While other shows have tried to tackle the issue of race and representation, The Good Doctor does so in a way that feels honest and true.

Both Dr Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and Claire Brown (Hill Harper) are characters who are at once complex and relatable.

The show centres around Dr Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. It’s this struggle that makes The Good Doctor such an interesting watch.


After the shocking season finale of The Good Doctor season 5, fans have been wondering if Shaun would be able to spend some quality moments after his marriage as what we saw in the ending was quite disturbing to even call the wedding off.

After months of speculation about the show, the network ABC is finally here with a thrilling trailer. Check out the trailer!

Season 6 Trailer Highlighting The Aftermath Of The Cliffhanger

I know, we all have lived with the dreaded thought of keeping that ending from the last season play in our minds and anticipating if anything could go back to its earlier position.

Well, we certainly have failed as the fresh trailer for the upcoming series tells a different story that is surely going to upset us more. 

The first trailer for season 6 is finally here and has already made clear that there is going to be a bloodbath as more lives are at stake this time.

If you could rewind a little bit to the last episode, we saw a happy Shaun marrying a happy Lea on the roof of the hospital moments before the horrifying incident took place and left us shattered with the cliffhanger for months. 

The trailer starts with the newly weds sharing their first dance after the wedding which quickly escalates to the horrible things being done down at the hospital.

We see Our Shaun getting down to help as Owen holds three more hostages under his resistance. 

The short trailer is nothing but a big worry as it’s more dangerous to hold on to our thoughts after watching Lim on the ground and Shaun running to help cool down the situation. 

Season 5 Horrific Ending 

I know it hurts to go over this all over again but for those who don’t know, the last episode was a mixed bag of feelings that went straight from happiest to terrified real quick.

As everyone was preparing for the emotional moment of Shaun getting married to Lea, an unexpected situation occurred when Nurse Villanueva’s violent ex-boyfriend Owen sneaked into the hospital premises disguised as a delivery agent.

His motive was to stab Nurse Villanueva but in the dreading moment, Dr Lim also got injured because of the crossfire. 

The series is ready for the big premiere on October 3rd. 

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