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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17: Release Date and Time on ABC

ABC’s The Good Doctor has been entertaining the audience for almost six years now. The show, based on the 2013 South Korean series of the same name, follows an autistic surgeon with savant syndrome, Shaun Murphy, who goes on to work at the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

Freddie Highmore’s performance as Murphy is one of the main things that draws the audience to the show. The season has so far aired 16 episodes, and fans are now wondering when would the next episode come out. Read on to find out.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17 Release Date and Time

The 17th episode of the ongoing season of The Good Doctor is set to air on ABC on Monday, 20 March, at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT. The episode will also be available to stream on Hulu. The sixth season of the show is set to feature 22 episodes, the most so far. The date for the season finale has not been announced yet.

If you do not have a cable connection, you can still watch the episode by live-streaming ABC on TV-streaming apps like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV. You can also stream the episode on Hulu by getting a subscription to the streaming platform. The subscription plans start at $7.99 a month and go up to $82.99 a month.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 17 Preview

The title for the 17th episode has been revealed as Second Chances and Past Regrets. ABC has also unveiled a promo for the upcoming episode, which teases the return of Dr. Jared Kalu to the program. Shaun and Murphy seem to be in disagreement over how they want to treat a patient having seizures.

While Jared suggests resection to stop the seizures immediately, Shaun dismisses the procedure as risky. The former then confronts the latter saying that he was ‘thinking out of the box.’ Shaun then warns him, “If you can not comply, you will be out of the program.” Watch the preview below.

The Previous Episode Serves as the Pilot for The Good Lawyer Spin-Off

ABC is coming up with a spin-off of The Good Doctor, named The Good Lawyer. The 16th episode served as a backdoor pilot for The Good Lawyer as it introduced Joni, a young lawyer who represented Shaun in a lawsuit.

In the previous episode, Shaun is sued by Bob Patton over the amputation of his hand. Despite being asked by Glassman and Janet to settle, Shaun chooses to go to trial with the help of Joni, a lawyer with OCD.

Joni turns the testimony of Bob’s expert witness in their favor, and Shaun testifies about his decision to amputate and his past, resulting in Shaun’s victory and the lawyer earning Janet’s respect. Joni then reveals her inspiration for becoming a lawyer, and after the trial, Shaun and Joni test Bob’s hand to check if the amputation was necessary or not.

How excited are you to watch the upcoming episode of The Good Doctor Season 6? Let us know in the comments section.

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