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The God of High School Season 2 Updates So Far

Anime is forever loved and with so much anime out there in creation, we certainly can’t wait to have more of them. 

Anime is the new ‘go-to’ option to look out for and everyone, almost every streaming platform is broadcasting anime thoroughly. Platforms that stream and distribute anime are now looking forward to enhancing their chances and hosting anime originals on their platform.

For instance, Crunchyroll has adapted the concept of broadcasting original programs from 2020. One such show that we are talking about here is ”The God of High School”, a power-packed battle involving martial arts. The anime also had a manga with the same name which was created by Park Yongje and has Webtoon as publisher.

”The God of High School” is an anime that follows the story of Jin Mori, a 17-year-old girl who is god-gifted with martial arts skills. Coming from Seoul, South Korea, he and his friends are preparing to be a part of a tournament for which they borrow powers from mythical gods and creatures.

The name, ”The God of High School” refers to the one who wins the tournament. Whoever wins will have all of their wishes granted.

The first season of the show was a massive hit. It had MAPPA in the show and the audience embraced it post its debut. Fans are now impatient to find out whether they will have a new season in the coming time and hence, to have you sorted, we have technically shared every bit of information about The God of High School Season 2

“The God of High School” Season 2 – Everything We So Far Know

Starting from the release date to cast members comes off as subjective questions to figure out.

Let’s see all that we know.

Release Date?

Since Season 1 is a massive success, it was only expected that a new season will follow. However, right now, no official announcement has been made and NO RELEASE DATE has been announced for the show.

Some sources have revealed that The God of High School Season 2 will premiere June-July 2022. That’s just speculation though. We will have to wait to find out.

Cast Members

The cast members are typically designated and announced when there is an official announcement about the storyline of the anime.

Once the word is out for Season 2, we can see and talk about the cast members that are returning. That would be fair, right?

Not a lot has been going on about The God of High School Season 2. Therefore, we are on the edge too. Wait for us to have some info so that we can transmit it to you.

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