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The Gilded Age: What is The Series All About?

“A New Age Is About To Begin.”

‘The Gilded Age,’ from the creators of Downtown Abbey, will be a magnificent show for binge-watchers. Historical dramas are definitely worth watching, and something like ‘The Gilded Age’ is definitely a must-see.

Marian Brook, a rural girl, goes to New York after her father’s death in this upcoming show. Things become more challenging when she is forced to blend into the household of a railroad tycoon. The show is literally set in the 1880s.

You will definitely get a historical vibe, and obviously a lot of fashion too. Along with the spectacular storyline, we have a release date too. And not only that but even a little surprise for the readers.

The Gilded Age Release Date Is Here

You now know what the show is all about. And it will be the next buzz show that binge-watchers will enjoy. Let’s get started with the release date for this upcoming historical drama.

The show will consist of nine episodes and will premiere on January 24, 2022, exclusively on HBO. Will Marian follow the prescribed standards of society or build her way in this thrilling new world on the verge of the modern era?

The Gilded Age Exclusive Episode List Is Here

Along with the release date, we now know what the titles of the forthcoming episodes will be. Something we thought our readers would be interested in.

Each episode’s release date is also mentioned, so you can bookmark this article or take a screenshot if you want to know when the episodes will be available.

  1. Never The New – January 24, 2022
  2. Money Isn’t Everything – January 31, 2022
  3. Face the Music – February 7, 2022
  4. A Long Ladder – February 14, 2022
  5. Charity Has Two Functions – February 21, 2022
  6. Heads Have Rolled for Less – February 28, 2022
  7. Irresistible Change – March 7, 2022
  8. Tucked Up in Newport – March 14, 2022
  9. Let the Tournament Begin – March 21, 2022

‘Every Class Has Rules.’

Time For A Little Surprise

Yes, this is what we promised the readers. What’s left now that you know the release date, the plot, and the episode title? A tiny spark? Only photographs? No, it’s a trailer.

Yes, HBO released the official trailer for The Gilded Age on December 13, 2021. And the trailer does show you a lot, at least enough to pique your interest in watching the show. Watch the official trailer below.

In the trailer, Agnes van Rhijn assures her niece that she is from ‘old New York,’ while Ada informs her sister, ‘Money isn’t everything, Agnes.’ And you know the rest.

Wait, the surprise isn’t over yet. In addition to the trailer, we have an official teaser for the forthcoming show. Take a look at it below.

The Gilded Age Exclusive Cast Guide 

Last but not least, before we wrap up, let’s have a look at the exceptional A 1 cast of this incredible show.

  • Christine Baranski plays Agnes van Rhijn – A passionate and stubborn old money Dutch-American socialite who clings to the ancient principles of New York’s society.
  • Cynthia Nixon plays Ada Brook – Agnes’s sister who relies on her generosity.
  • Bertha Russell, played by Carrie Coon – A motivated to utilize her wealth and status to infiltrate into a polite society that rejects innovation at every opportunity.
  • Morgan Spector plays George Russell – A traditional robber baron who represents ‘new money.’
  • Denée Benton plays Peggy Scott – A young aspiring writer who returns home after completing her studies.
  • Taissa Farmiga as Gladys Russell – A naive and innocent, yet prepared to be addressed as a grownup.
  • Louisa Jacobson as Marian Brook – Who is destitute and sent to stay with her estranged aunts.

In addition to these characters, we shall see more regular characters.

Are you ready to witness the beginning of a new era in New York? This fantastic show will be released soon. And what sign do you need now if you’ve been looking for something to watch for a long time? This is your sign. Also, stay tuned with us.

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