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The Flash Super Bowl Trailer Teases More than one Barry Allen’s Flash

Tim Burton’s Batman returns on screen again as Warner Brothers drop the first trailer of The Flash during 2023’s Super Bowl LVII. The trailer gives the full look at what to expect from DCU’s upcoming and most controversial film, The Flash.

What does The Flash trailer reveal?

The Flash Super Bowl Trailer Teases More than one Barry Allen's Flash
The Flash Super Bowl Trailer Teases More than one Barry Allen’s Flash

Ezra Miller is playing the role of two different variants of Flash as the trailer suggests. Barry will use the Speed Force to travel back in time to prevent his mother’s murder. However, this will disrupt the whole timeline, and Barry will have to face several severe consequences in this new alternate reality.

The Flash storyline primarily focuses on the time travel that will cause one of the major events of the DC Universe. James Gunn did confirm that The Flash will reset some aspects of the DCU, which will set up the other future films of the first chapter, “Gods and Monsters.”

However, the trailer has confirmed Ben Affleck’s return as Batman from the long-gone Snyderverse that will be the main timeline of this film. Keaton’s return of 1989 Batman is what makes the fans most excited about this film. The trailer not only gives a glimpse of Keaton’s Batsuit but also shows the character in action.

However, he is not the only character who is returning from past films, as Michael Shannon’s General Zodd is shown as the main villain in this trailer. Shannon last appeared in Batman V Superman and will make his full return again in this film.

Adapting the Source Material of Flashpoint

The film is based on the Flashpoint comic book storyline. In which, Barry Allen had the same motif of traveling back in time. However, he ends up reaching a dystopian world where all the big superheroes are engaged in a massive war. The Atlantis and Amazons have waged war against each other. Both of them are determined to rule the surface world. 

However, Reverse Flash is the only one who caused such havoc and appeared as the primary antagonist of that comic. On the other hand, Superman never reached Kent. He ends up getting into the government’s hands and was turned into a test subject. 

The movie trailer has shown no sign of either Aquaman or Wonder Woman. On the other hand, Superman’s part in the story is replaced by Supergirl. As the trailer suggests the film will pick the events of the Man of Steel. 

However, the Earth will suffer because there is no Superman in this alternate universe. Two different versions of Flash will team up with Michael Keaton’s Batman to free Supergirl from Government’s grips to battle against Zod.

The Cast of The Flash

The Flash is the first solo film in the DCU and is one of the big-budget projects from Warner Bros. this year. Ezra Miller returns to his role as Barry Allen, aka Flash, with Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are playing the role of Batman from their respective universes. Sasha Calle is playing the role of Supergirl as the supporting character in this film.

However, recent reports have strongly indicated that a surprise cameo will set up the new Batman in the DCU. Many rumors are even suggesting that a Batman actor from the previous films, will continue as the new Batman of DCU. The Flash will hit the theatres on June 16, 2023, under Andy Muschietti’s direction as the first DCU of this year. 



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