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The Consultant Trailer Featuring Christoph Waltz In A Unique Corporate Situation

When you’re the head of a company, there are always things you need to do. The most important thing is to make sure your numbers are looking up. But when trying to improve the bottom line, sometimes that means making unpopular decisions.

That’s what happens in the upcoming highly anticipated thriller series, The Consultant. A business consultant is hired to help improve Comp Ware’s financial performance, but he quickly finds himself in a world where there isn’t room for him as an employee.

Your favourite game might be loaded with so much more than just pixels and sounds. If you’re a fan of thrilling game experiences, you’ve come to the right place. Prime Video has unveiled an exciting trailer for the upcoming series, check out this article to grab all the details.

The Consultant Trailer Featuring Christoph Waltz In A Unique Corporate Situation

Prime Video has finally announced the release date and released a trailer and some first-look images for The Consultant – the much talked about thriller series starring Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz who we famously know from Inglorious Basterds.

If you’re an avid fan of the book and are eager to watch the series adaptation, you’ve come to the right spot.

The trailer for The Consultant gives an introduction to the intriguing Regus Patoff (Waltz). It’s clear he isn’t worried about employees’ feelings towards him – they’ll either be scared or angry in his presence.

Regus is making a concerted effort to hasten the transition, even if that means entering staff’s personal areas and creating uncomfortable circumstances. He is prepared to go to extreme lengths for this purpose.

Judging by the trailer for the series, it seems we’re getting a mixed ride for us including an exciting thriller with a hint of dark humour. The trailer for The Consultant added a touch of dark humour and also showed that the plot will venture into some hazardous territory.

The video he showed you contained gruesome messages, evidence of kidnappings, hints of some complicated conspiracy and the word “sociopath” being used – which means that this guy is likely not a person you would want to have to work with you.

When is The Consultant Releasing?

The highly anticipated thriller series is all set to arrive on Prime Video on February 24th. For those wondering if they’ll have to wait episode by episode to finish the season.

Prime Video opted to launch The Consultant in full, instead of releasing the episodes separately in intervals of one or multiple instalments over two to three months. All episodes from the series will drop on the premiere date with access to watch it globally. 

Who All Are In The Cast?

The series feature Christoph Waltz in the titular role of Regus Patoff. The series also brings an ensemble cast including Nat Wolff, Brittany O’Grady, Aimee Carrero,  Tatiana Lia Zappardino, Sydney Mae Diaz, Michael C. Vaccaro, Sloane Avery, Emily Berry, Erin Ruth Walker and Michael Charles Vaccaro. 

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