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The Boys Season 3 Soundtrack: 10 Best Songs from the Show

Like the previous seasons, Boys Season 3 has a strong connection with music.

The third season of the Emmy-nominated drama The Boys will premiere on Prime Video on Friday, June 3rd with three new episodes. And will be available in over 240 countries and territories across the world.

As badass as the show is, the soundtrack is the same every season. And this year’s season is no exception.

Superheroes are frequently as prevalent as celebrities, as powerful as politicians, and, in some cases, as highly regarded as gods. But only when they use their abilities for good. What happens when the heroes go bandit and misuse their abilities?

When it comes down to the powerless versus the super powerful, the Boys embark on a heroic search to uncover the truth about the Seven and Vought, the multibillion-dollar conglomerate that appears to be able to the superheroes and conceals their dirty secrets.

The Boys Season 3 Soundtrack

We’ve gathered a list of songs that were included in season 3 of the show, as well as some recommendations for music to add to your Spotify playlist.

1. Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Imagine dancing with your boyfriend/girlfriend in a small apartment at midnight while this song is playing. Without a doubt, the best music is always old music.

2. Devotion By One True God And Adam & Steve

When the boys are at a party, this song is played, and it’s perfect club music to play whenever you’re in a club.

3. Uptown Girl By Billy Joel

Everyone praises the song, but can we just take a moment to admire the choreography? Other songs by Billy Joel, such as Pianoman, Vienna, and others, are all well-liked. Billy has a knack for telling simple stories through his music.

4. Rock My Kiss By Miles Gaston Villanueva

Miles Gaston Villanueva deserves credit for making this song feel as dated as possible while yet sounding current. Believe us when we say that the chorus of this song is quite catchy.

5. You Got Your License To Drive (Me Crazy) By Miles Gaston Villanueva

You can understand the singer’s misgivings about singing this song as an adult after singing it as a teen. Fans found this song to be really humorous, and you’re probably wondering why. Then pay attention to the lyrics; you’ll find out what it’s about.

6. Chimps Don’t Cry By Laurie Holden

The way Crimson sang in the series was so mellifluous and beautiful. Regardless of how insidious she might be in her past of storyline of

The Boys, we felt sorry when she all of a sudden got assaulted by Kimiko while she just had somehow healthy conversation with them on the topic of a chimp.

Crimson Countless was more like a one-note villain in the original comic along with soldier boy, glad the tv series and amazing cast gave these characters a second chance!

7. Baby One More Time By Britney Spears

This song has such a catchy rhythm that it’s hard to realize it’s 22 years old and Britney was just 16 when it was released.

8. Express Yourself By NWA

It’s still a brilliant song that the younger generation can enjoy from rap when rap was rap back in the day. This is a song with a special message for every individual.

9. Despiértame Antes De Que Te Vayas By Los João

This is a Spanish song that doesn’t require you to comprehend the lyrics in order to enjoy it.

10. Bones By Imagine Dragons

To be honest it looks like a musical-type movie trailer. Is it just me or does somebody else feels like this too? Imagine Dragons are not only great singers but also great actors.

What are your thoughts on this season’s soundtrack? Have you seen season 3 of The Boys yet? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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