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The Blacklist Season 9 Plot and Cast Expectations

‘The Blacklist’ is an excellent American thriller series that has aired for eight seasons. The first episode of the show aired on September 23, 2013. The plot revolves around a dangerous individual who inexplicably surrenders to the FBI and promises to assist them in capturing dangerous criminals. His one stipulation is that he will only cooperate with Elizabeth Keen, the newest analyst. The suspense in Blacklist is what makes the show so compelling. This year, the hit NBC crime drama got renewed for a ninth season. Viewers are already excited for the 9th Season. The first episode of Season 9 has already been set for release. For the viewers, the wait is over. Due to COVID-19 constraints, the opening date was moved back last season, but thankfully, the season 9 premiere date will not be pushed back. So, get ready, blacklisters, for another incredible season you’ve been waiting for.

The Blacklist Season 9 Release Date

The ninth season of The Blacklist will premiere on a new night, Thursday, October 21, 2021, at 8 p.m. That’s pretty soon than we expected. The ‘Drama Continues’ was posted on Twitter on June 24, 2021, and here’s the post.

Is Season 9 of The Blacklist The Finale?

Another tweet was shared by The Blacklist’s official Twitter account, with the message “You’ll need to watch this finale at least eight more times.”

Megan Boone Won’t Appear For ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 

There are spoilers in the rest of the content for viewer’s who haven’t watched the previous seasons of ‘The Blacklist’.

Megan Boone isn’t going to be on the show for the upcoming season. Liz was killed by one of Neville Townsend’s henchmen during a powwow with Red (James Spader) in the season eight conclusion, and she bled out. She also talked about her time on the show in an Instagram post, describing how fantastic the last eight years have been for her.

The Blacklist Season 9 Plot

We watched a heartbreaking departure to Liz Keen, one of the main protagonists of NBC’s drama since the pilot, as she was shot by one of Neville Townsend’s henchmen, Vandyke, at the end of season 8. As a grieving Reddington and Dembe leave the scene, the squad finds her bleeding in the streets. In Season 9, events will take a different turn in terms of what will occur to the working group without Liz. We don’t know for sure if Liz is deceased, but Megan Boone publicly announced her departure from the series. Red’s motivation is expected to shift in the coming season without Liz.

There’s also the matter of Red’s illness, which has sparked rumors that he’ll be killed off. If season nine is gonna be the series’ final installment, we believe that this will happen. We don’t know anything for sure now, but there are a lot of “What Will Happen” questions that will be answered in the upcoming season. Also, probably Spader, Amir Arison, Diego Klattenhoff, Hisham Tawfiq, Harry Lennix and Laura Sohn are all expected to return for the finale. While you’re waiting for Season 9, you could watch the previous seasons of ‘The Blacklist’.

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  1. How did I fall down the rabbit hole of The Blacklist. One minute I’m browsing away on Netflix, the next I’m peeling carrots, crying my eyes out “Ressler do something- you’re part human part divine – let a simple tear bring her back. I turned to Spotify to ease the pain and now have 291 songs reminding me of the good times. I didn’t find The Blacklist, The Blacklist found me.

  2. Please oh please say it isn’t so!! Not to say this will be the ” finale” season! It is bad enough to lose Liz, no matter how bad she got on my very last nerve, to see my Red so heartbroken 💔 made me cry a river for any case, been watching this incredible, amazing show from the very beginning and will most certainly keep watching..I vote to bring Liz back, if nothing else maybe a episode here and there? And far as my Red? If he goes off into the sunset, so shall I will follow soon will be nothing without him..😔

  3. I will be so upset if they end The Blacklist!! I love 💕 all the characters especially James Spader playing Remington!
    It’s bad enough that they let Megan Boone who played Liz leave. I am very very upset over that!
    I wanted to know if Remington is Liz’s father.
    I am very disappointed the way Season 8 ended!
    Please bring back Megan Boone and continue more seasons of the Blacklist! Please Please Please!

  4. I hope this for the 9 th &final season: 1. Another actress portrays Liz as her new ‘identity’. 2. We find out what Red has been Not telling all this time – and that he really isn’t All evilness. 3. He hands the reins of his empire over to Liz who boldly and capably takes over. 4. We find out that Harold is/ was the real evil one mwahahahaaa!

  5. There is something about this show that has kept me glued to the tv..u never get bored watching because always something going on…since I discovered it last fall
    ..I have watched the whole show 3 times from start to finish..awesome awesome show…alot of good 👍 actors on there… rated in my opinion..


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