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The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself Release Date and Trailer is Here

It’s no secret that witches and vampires have been popular topics in pop culture for a while now. If you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve probably seen some pretty intense fan obsession with the subject. But why? What makes these stories so captivating?

Witches and vampires are all the rage right now, but this isn’t just a trend. It’s an obsession. And it’s an exciting thing to imagine and talk about, especially when people are talking about it in ways that seem real and tangible. 

For once, it feels nice to move over regular action and romance and dive into the world of magic where the possibilities are endless.

One such incredible experience is being parcelled by Netflix on our doorsteps, ‘The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself. Yes, as harsh as it sounds, it is going to make you puke on some parts but will keep you engaged till its last breath. 

The show has been in the news for a year now and it is finally here with a trailer that will leave people with mixed emotions about whether to shed tears with excitement or cringe. 

Netflix Bringing Vampire Gore Series Based on Sally Green’s Famous Novel

The spooky season is surprising us with a diverse range of films and shows coming our way. Netflix is doing a crazy job updating its spooky calendar with scary shows and movies for the holiday season.

Freshly out of the vampire world, the streaming platform is bringing ‘The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself’, another edgy yet entertaining series based on the novels of Sally Green called Half Bad Trilogy. 

The series does not come under the full umbrella of vampires and witches as they described the Netflix series as an “edgy, YA drama that’s grounded in the modern day.”

The plot revolves around witches living among us, and all the things they have to go through. There’s magic, sarcasm, banter and more. 

Trailer Unveiling Bloody Welcome Of The Bastard Son

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself has already had its trailer released, and it promises all you’ve ever wanted in a magical story.

Romance and gore are served for the taking. The series is based on Sally Green’s Half Bad trilogy and will star Titans’ Jay Lycurgo as Nathan Byrne—son of the world’s most notorious witch.

Gabriel and Annalise (played by Emillien Vekemans and Nadia Parkes) are his companions in this post-Apocalyptic adventure story.

“It was truly fu**d up ride” Netflix revealed. The first scene of the trailer reinforces this idea, with Nathan and Annalise covered in gooey flesh after a security guard at school exploded.

As seen in the trailer, this world has a war between good and evil witches. However, the three main characters on our journey are blood witches.

They search for Nathan’s father who is one of the most dangerous blood witches in the world.

When is the blood witches series releasing?

The series is landing on Netflix on October 28th as the perfect Halloween binge watch. 

additional cast members include Isobel Jesper Jones, Paul Ready, David Gyasi, Kerry Fox, Liz White, Karen Connell, Fehinti Balogun, and Misha Butler.

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