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The ’37th Golden Disc Awards Nominations Have Been Announced

It has been announced that the 37th Golden Disc Awards will take place this year, including the nominations and the lineup for the first performance at the awards ceremony.

There are five categories in which awards can be given: Digital Song of the Year Division, Best Album of the Year Division, Special Awards, Rookie Artist of the Year Division, and Popular Vote Division.

It Was Another Thrilling Golden Disc Awards Show At The End Of The Year

We look forward to the 37th Golden Disc Awards (GDA), another thrilling year-end award show. Known as one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the South Korean entertainment industry, the award ceremony is a favorite among fans since it includes equally extravagant performances and one of the most highly acclaimed awards ceremonies.

During the 37th Golden Disc Awards ceremony on December 7, 2022, the 37th Golden Disc Awards announced the nominees and the first lineup of performances. In terms of categories, there are currently only three that have been released: the Album Division Bonsang, the Digital Song Division Bonsang, and the Rookie Artist of the Year. It is common for these categories to have more than one winner, meaning the nominations list for these categories is usually longer than the list for other award shows.

Aside from this, GDA’s first performance lineup includes six artists, including one of the most notable names in the third generation, SEVENTEEN. Because this will be the first time the VERY NICE group has performed at a year-end award show, their inclusion has elicited the utmost enthusiasm.

Music Released Between November 2021 And November 2022 Is Nominated

Approximately 79 songs and 59 albums are eligible for nomination as part of the GDA nomination process. Moreover, there is a requirement that albums must contain at least six tracks to qualify for this award.


It should be noted that this number does not include introductions, outros, or instrumentals. Below, you can find the list of nominations for the prominent awards, known as the Bonsangs, as well as the Rookie of the Year award:

Best Digital Song of the Year Division

  • (G)I-DLE (“TOMBOY”)
  • BE’O (“Counting Stars” feat. Beenzino)
  • BIG Naughty (“Beyond Love” feat. 10CM)
  • BIGBANG (“Still Life”)
  • BLACKPINK (“Pink Venom”)
  • Choi Ye Na (“SMILEY” feat. BIBI)
  • GOT the beat (“Step Back”)
  • IU (“Drama”)
  • Jay Park (“GANADARA” feat. IU)
  • KyoungSeo (“Dear my X”)
  • Kim Min Seok of MeloMance (“DrunKen Confession”)
  • Lee Mujin (“When it snows” feat. Heize)
  • Lim Young Woong (“Our Blues, Our Life”)
  • MSG Wannabe (M.O.M) (“Do you want to hear”)
  • Nayeon of TWICE (“POP!”)
  • NewJeans (“Attention”)
  • PSY (“That That” prod. & feat. BTS’ Suga)
  • Red Velvet (“Feel My Rhythm”)
  • Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation (“INVU”)

Best Album of the Year Division

  • (G)I-DLE (“I love”)
  • BTS (“Proof”)
  • J-Hope of BTS (“Jack in The Box”)
  • Kim Ho Joong (“PANORAMA”)
  • Lim Young Woong (“IM HERO”)
  • Nayeon of TWICE (“IM NAYEON”)
  • NCT (“Universe”)
  • NCT 127 (“2 Baddies”)
  • NCT DREAM (“Glitch Mode”)
  • Red Velvet (“The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm”)
  • SEVENTEEN (“Face the Sun”)
  • Stray Kids (“MAXIDENT”)
  • TWICE (“BETWEEN 1&2”)
  • Youngtak (“MMM”)

Rookie Artist of the Year

  • ATBO
  • Billlie
  • Choi Ye Na
  • IVE
  • Kep1er
  • NewJeans
  • TNX
  • Ordinary Heroes

It Was In 1986 That The Golden Disc Awards Were First Presented

It was in 1986 when the Golden Disc Awards were created to recognize excellence in music in different facets. In addition to the major awards (Album/Artist/Rookie of the Year), the event also hosts various special awards, such as the Performance Award, the Best Group Award, the Cosmopolitan Award, the Next Generation Award, and genre-specific awards, such as the Best R&B, Trot, Rock, Ballad Award, etc.

A list of the GDA nominations consists of songs and albums released between the beginning of November 2021 and the middle of November 2022. A minimum of six tracks is also required for an album to be eligible for the award. There are no intros, outros, or instrumentals included in this number.

As part of the 37th Golden Disc Awards, the ceremony will occur at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 7, 2023. What are your thoughts on the event? Are you a fan of the event and looking forward to seeing what it offers? Please feel free to share your opinions with us.


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