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Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2: Expected Release Date, Cast and Storyline

The 2021 crime thrilling drama has left the audience in awe through its plot twists and fascinating storyline. Not only did the fans love how the storyline progresses, but they also wondered how the story would conclude. Though the first season was just released in February 2021, the viewers are still curious about the outcome. Moreover, Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 can provide multiple answers the audience seeks, or it could just raise numerous questions like the first season. The Amazon Prime original series has already left the audience with multiple theories. Hence, the announcement of the second season can pop up anytime soon.

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2: Cast Members And Likely Plot

Since most of the lead characters survived the engulfing dilemma of the first season, the second one would provide many known faces. Hence, the cast members that will surely return for Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 are:

  • Bryant Tardy as Jay Abellard
  • Lily Rabe as Emma Hall
  • Xavier Samuel as Kit Parker
  • Ashley Madekwe as Lisa Guillory
  • Enrique Murciano as Peter Guillory.
  • Amy Brenneman as Mary Barlow
  • Hamish Linklater as John Tyler
  • Elliot Fletcher as Jake Barlow
  • Stella Baker as Theresa Barlow
  • Chiara Aurelia as Rose Lord
  • Adelynn Spoon as Freya
  • Doug Savant as Ed Jennings
Emma (Karen Miller)

Among these actors, Xavier Samuel’s character Kit Parker died in the first season. However, he could be returning to give some glimpses of the past murders and monstrosities he performed. Apart from these characters, Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 would indeed have additional cast members. Since the drama series ended on a drastic note, we’ll surely get to see the aftermath.

What Happened in Season 1?

Since the first season ended with a whirling twist that engulfed the lead characters, the second one would be a somewhat problematic series. Firstly, the final episodes revealed Emma (Karen Miller) to be innocent. Moreover, John Tyler, who was investigating Emma, was a psychopath predator. Mary Barlow, the mother, searching for her missing daughter Theresa is shocked to know about her original personality. Hence, the three main characters would be entirely in a bind in Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2.

Emma or Karen Miller revealed her true story to Mary Barlow. Not only was Emma innocent, but also the true culprit was Mary’s missing daughter Theresa. Furthermore, Theresa has a hold of Emma’s daughter Freya. Since Theresa loved Kit Parker, and Kit was the father of Emma’s new baby, Theresa convicted all the murders under Karen Miller’s name and framed her.

On the other hand, Mary Barlow showed a rather contradicting character after knowing about Theresa. Apart from assisting Emma, she held a press conference and stated that Emma was a murderer. Hence, we’ll see Mary in a completely different role in Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2.

Nonetheless, Mary had also shot John Tyler and locked him up in a cupboard. Since Mary saw John’s natural side, she acted by her consciousness. However, John escaped from the closet after breaking the lock.

Mary and John

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2: Everything That Can Happen!

Apart from all the questions season 1 offered, it also paved the way for another twisted season. Thus, season 2 had many plot holes waiting to be uncovered. Summarising all the events in season 1, the Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 can cover the following storylines:

  • Mary’s character change in the final moments of the first season indicates her to be the antagonist of season 2.
  • Emma is still searching for her daughter Freya, and now the roles between Mary and her are reversed.
  • John is walking free with a mindset to take down both women- Mary and Emma. Firstly Mary because she had shot him, and Emma because he’s sexually infatuated with her.
  • Again, Mary’s press conference has turned the world against Emma. Hence her hardships will be greater in Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2.
  • Theresa is still on the loose with Emma’s daughter Freya. Furthermore, she still hasn’t appeared in the main timeline.
  • Conclusively, Season 2 will be offering multiple stand-out thriller episodes like the first one.

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