The CW to “Make Divya Great Again”

October 28, 2020 Nila Choudhury     KissMeImNila

“Black-ish” and “Ground Floor” writer Devanshi Patel just made her first sale to The CW! Production will soon begin on her dramedy, “Make Divya Great Again.” The story revolves around an Indian American woman who is under a lot of pressure from her traditional parents to get an arranged marriage. I mean, what 20 to 30-something brown girl isn’t, amirite?

The show’s storyline sounds dark, witty, and full of colorful drama all at once. For instance, Divya invents an Indian boyfriend, emphasis on invents because this boyfriend doesn’t exist, but she sells him as being perfect. She wiggles out of her arranged marriage. And as if that’s that enough drama to deal with, she is challenged with having to clear her name as a suspect in the accidental death of her ex-fiance. It’s a dramedy that’s sure to mix up The CW’s lineup.

Eric and Kim Tannenbaum are executive producers of the show. They’ve produced hits like “Two and a Half Men,” and”Young and Hungry.” The show will also be produced by Patti Carr and Alex Hertzberg. Patti Carr has been showrunner and/or producer for shows like “Reba,” “Mixology,” “90210” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

With writers and producers of such successful shows and dramas at the helm of this show, we have high hopes that “Make Divya Great Again” will be filled with real comedy, and won’t rely on over-used brown girls tropes and desi stereotypes.

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Nila Choudhury

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