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Tehran Season 2 is Confirmed: Updates on Release Date and Cast

Rarely do we see Israeli-originated content as a nominee at International Emmy Awards. On the contrary, Tehran won the International Emmy Award for the best drama series in November 2021. Due to its success, the production companies confirmed Tehran Season 2. Undoubtedly, the drama series astonished the audience through its thrilling spy ride.


Certainly, you’re wondering when you’ll be witnessing the second season. Since the series played an important role in increasing the popularity of the Israeli series, the local fans want another season as soon as possible.

Tehran Season 2 Release Date

Daniel Syrkin had done a magnificent job while directing Season 1. Also, NIV Sultan’s acting added a spark to her character Tamar Rabinyan. Since the audience was thrilled to see the spy action drama, the production house confirmed another season.

Nevertheless, we didn’t get any specific date for Tehran Season 2. Owing to all the multiple unsolved issues, fans are eager to know what happened next. Moreover, the pandemic has been yet another reason for the delay of the 2nd season. However, we expect Season 2 to release in-between January-March 2022.

The Cast of Tehran 2

Since the first season didn’t provide a conclusive storyline, multiple cast members will be returning for Tehran Season 2. Moreover, the legendary actress Glenn Close will debut in the series as Marjan Montazeri in Season 2. Hence, the most likely list for the cast members for 2nd season is:

  • Niv Sultan as Tamar Rabinyan
  • Shaun Toub as Faraz Kamali
  • Menashe Noy as Meir Gorev
  • Shervin Alenabi as Milad
  • Navid Negahban as Masoud Tabrizi
  • Liraz Charhi as Yael Kadosh
  • Qais Khan as Mohammed Balochi
  • Sogand Sara Fakheri as Raziyeh Nekumard
  • Reza Diako as Shahin
  • Dan Mor as Eran
  • Arash Marandi as Ali
  • Shila Ommi as Naahid
  • Danny Sher as Mike
  • Moe Bar-El as Karim
  • Ash Goldeh as Hassan
  • Glenn Close as Marjan Montazeri

Where To Watch Tehran?

The first season of Tehran comprises 8 thrilling episodes. On the one hand, the series premiered on June 22nd, 2020, in Israel. On the other hand, the series premiered globally on September 25th, 2020. Regardless, Tehran is solely available on Apple TV+. Hence, if you desire to witness this amazing spy thriller, Apple TV+ is your answer.


What’s Tehran About?

The spy thriller revolves around a young Jewish woman named Tamar Rabinyan. Although she was born in Iran, she’s a citizen of Israel. Also, Tamar is a Mossad agent and a computer hacker whose goal is to disable the nuclear reactor in Tehran (Iran’s Capital).

Nevertheless, things don’t go as planned. Tamar faces multiple obstacles while achieving her mission. Moreover, Faraz Kamali (the head of investigations at Revolutionary Guards) suspects Tamar and chases her throughout the mission. Hence, a cat and mouse race commences against time.

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