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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Nathan Griffith Arrested for Domestic Battery in Florida

Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith has been arrested in Palm Beach County, Florida, over charges of domestic battery. The 35 year old allegedly strangulated his girlfriend in the wee hours on Friday.

The police responded to a call regarding a domestic disturbance and reached Griffith’s home, where he was taken into custody. The woman has revealed that she passed out following the incident. She is said to have sustained bruises on her neck.

Nathan Griffith Arrested for Choking Girlfriend

As per the legal documents, Nathan’s brother-in-law, William, called the police reporting a domestic disturbance on Friday. He told the officers that Nathan had called him and said he had ‘lost it’ as he choked his girlfriend and dragged her up the stairs. When Nathan hung up, William texted the woman and asked if she was okay, to which she replied, ‘no.’

Officers then arrived at the scene and found that Nathan was being uncooperative. The reality star claimed that everything was fine between him and his girlfriend. He said that William was on drugs and was lying. Police found scratches on his back and neck, but William maintained that he got them while having sex.

The women also appeared to be uncooperative initially. She seemed to cry to the police and revealed that her boyfriend was physically aggressive. She further said that she could not recall the details of the incident as she ‘blacked out.’ However, she did not disclose if she was actually choked.

“I’m 100 some pounds, and he’s 250; how in the hell am I supposed to get him off me,” she told the police. The officers then noticed bruises on her neck and arrested Nathan for domestic battery by strangulation.

Griffith was Earlier Booked in 2019

This is not the first time the reality star has faced legal troubles. He was previously taken into custody in North Carolina in 2019 on DUI charges. “We got a call at around 5:23 pm about a person unconscious in a vehicle at the Harris Teeter,” the police stated at the time.

“When the fire department arrived on the scene, they found that the vehicle was running and determined the nature of the call was not medical, so they contacted PD. Our officer arrived on the scene, conducted a DWI investigation, formed the opinion that he was impaired and placed him under arrest,” the statement read further.

Griffith failed to appear in court, and an arrest warrant was issued against him in March 2021. However, just a few hours later, it was found that the warrant was issued by mistake and was recalled.

Nathan Griffith Appeared in Teen Mom 2 Season 5

Griffith shot to fame when he appeared on season 5 of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 with his then-girlfriend Jenelle. The two welcomed a son in 2014 and got engaged in January 2015. However, they later called off their engagement.

Last year, Griffith got married to May Oyola in a secret ceremony in Miami. The couple is reported to have a tumultuous relationship, and it is not known whether they are still married or divorced. It also remains unclear if May is the woman who has become the victim of the recent choking.

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