Halloween is one of Lilly Singh’s, better known as Superwoman, favorite holidays. The talented YouTuber has created a bevy of videos over the years to celebrate the day. Singh’s Halloween inspired videos includes everything from Halloween costume shopping to life in the friend-zone.

You can watch Superwoman in all her Halloween glory right here:

1. Halloween with Drake

This year, Singh transformed herself into the artist Drake and created her own music video. She covered Drake’s tracks with Halloween inspired lyrics to portray the adventures of Drake trick-or-treating.

Sidenote: Want to know how the stunning Lilly Singh turned into sexy Drake?

Check out beauty blogger Kandee Johnson’s page to see the transformation! Johnson has some serious magical skills with those makeup brushes. Johnson added facial hair, eyebrows and her contouring skills to give Singh a harsher, sharper and tougher look to pull off Drake.

2. Halloween in the friend zone

What do you do when it’s Halloween and you’re trapped in the friend zone? Singh’s got some stories for you.

3. Types of people you’ll see on Halloween

Singh has a knack for creating “types of” videos. Halloween is no exception. She goes through all the types of people you’ll meet at a Halloween party or on Halloween in general. The video moves from the disorganization to the annoying parts of being trapped in a group costume with your friends to all the picky trick-or-treaters.

4. Superwoman’s parents’ last minute Halloween costume ideas

Singh’s parents, Paramjeet and Manjeet, always give advice on everything. This time around the hilarious couple provide some pretty unique costume ideas that only mom and dads can give, like dressing as something other than a doctor.

5. Types of Halloween costumes

Now that Singh has gone through the types of people on Halloween, check out the types of costumes. She goes through a variety of them you can find at parties. While some people are completely lazy about their costumes, others go all out.

Let’s not forget the lack of normal, scary costumes for women and the awkward, super sappy romantic couple costumes that make you nauseous with their commitment.

6. Stupid things Superwoman does every Halloween

Every year, Singh makes the same mistakes, like buying a pumpkin to carve or even a costume last minute. You know you do the same things, amirite?

Check out all the other mistakes she makes during Halloween season.

7. Cheap Halloween costumes

Singh has been making videos for a few years now, so we pulled this one deep out of the archives. Similar to the newer video of Paramjeet and Manjit providing easy costume ideas, Singh gives you the lazy girl’s guide to costumes.

8. Costume shopping

Everyone that loves Halloween starts considering costumes from October 1st. Check out this video from the archives of Superwoman videos where she talks about the struggles of actually buying the costumes they want. Thinking about what you want to dress up as is actually the easy part. The crowds, the lines, and the sales are the challenging part of purchasing a costume.

9. Stupid scary movies

Here’s another video we pulled from the deep archives of the Superwoman vlogs, “Stupid Scary Movies.” In it, Singh delves into the ridiculous and impractical moments of a horror film. Often times, they portray nonsensical events that will leave you either confused or laughing instead of being scared.

10. Types of people in horror movies

Singh may have been inspired by her 2012 scary movies theme to create this video where she doesn’t talk about the events of a horror film but the characters. She re-enacts different characters typically shown in horror films and portrays a satirized view of their actions. Singh pokes fun at the stereotypical and cliche plot-lines of horror films, like how the person of color is always the first to die. Or how about why people in horror movies are so dumb and they do things like walk towards the scary sounds?

11. Why Superwoman wouldn’t die in a horror movie

In this video, Singh tells us about her theory on why she would never die in a horror film and how she would really react to the overused and predictable moments found in most horror films.

12. The most terrifying date

Horror movies aren’t the only scary things that can freak out you out on Halloween. Have you ever been on a creepy date? Superwoman teams up with her good friend Yousef Erakat, more popularly known as FouseyTube, for this uber-creepy video of an awkward date who brings her back to his haunted house.

Her date hears voices and talks like a serial killer but she plays oblivious to it, taking it all as a joke. However, what will surprise you is what ends up actually scaring her.

13. Life’s scary things

Want to know what else really scares Singh? Check out this music video she released in 2013 that reveals her fears, which most brown girls can relate to as well.

14. YouTubers for Halloween

Do you obsess over your favorite YouTube star? So does Singh! So, here’s one last batch of costumes ideas and tips. This time, she teaches us how to dress like some of the most popular YouTubers.

15. Disney house party

Singh brings in a ton of talented actors to play the roles of your favorite Disney characters, which makes this video more fun than creepy. The script perfectly captures the essence of each character. There’s a ton of Disney related puns, adult jokes, politically and socially woke AF characters. Singh, playing Princess Jasmine, mentions not to drink and fly (the magic carpet) and how 41% of Republicans want to bomb her fictional hometown of Agrabah.

16. Thriller

Let’s wrap up this list of hilarious horrors from Singh with a classic, “Thriller!” Singh creates an amazing tribute to the legendary Micheal Jackson. Check out this remake inspired but the fears of an average high school kid. Singh has the same costume as Micheal Jackson in the original but her creative lyrics are both funny and contain realistic fears of kids today.

There’s even a zombie dance number.


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