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‘Summer House’ Star Danielle Olivera Confirms Her Split From Robert Sieber

The fans of ‘Summer House’ have been thrown for a loop after Danielle Olivera confirmed the news of her split from Robert Sieber in an interview.

There have been rumors regarding the couple’s relationship status for some time now, and all of them have confirmed the speculations.

Robert Sieber And Danielle Olivera Have Broken Up

In the past two and a half years, Danielle Olivera has been dating chef Robert Sieber, and they are now headed in separate directions after two and a half years of dating. It has been confirmed by the former in a recent interview with E! magazine that the couple broke up in November.

Even though the two of them are not hostile towards each other, she stated that it was challenging for her to date someone who has to travel a lot for his job due to the distance involved. Some photos of the duo still show up on each other’s Instagram grids on both accounts. Unfortunately, there have been no updates on the relationship between Danielle Olivera and Robert Sieber, who have been together for two and a half years.

“We broke up in November—it’s still hard to say out loud. It’s sad, but I’m finding my happiness slowly but surely. I have many great friends, even the girls on the show. They’ve been so nice to me.” the Bravo star specifically explained to E! News.

“There’s still a lot of love there and mutual respect, but it just wasn’t working out,” Danielle affirmed. “If we can’t be happy together, we must find our happiness separately.” According to the NYC-based reality star, Robert’s high-demand job as a chef in the Colorado resort town of Aspen played a part in the breakup.

“Our relationship definitely suffered a bit because there wasn’t enough time, and I would keep things in, and then they would explode in the wrong ways. I’m not the easiest person to be in a relationship—I am awesome—but I expect a lot also. His career is amazing, and I’m so proud of him. Do I wish things were different? Yeah, but that’s life.” As she explained, it is the way things are.

‘Summer House’ Star Danielle Olivera’s Relationship

In July 2020, Danielle Olivera was reportedly approached by Robert Sieber via Instagram but allegedly turned him down due to his DMs. Her first meeting with him happened three weeks later, just before they filmed Pandemic House. While a lot was going on in the reality star’s life then, Sieber was very persistent when getting her to date him.

When Olivera and Sieber were dating, Olivera moved to Charleston to be with Sieber. Still, due to Sieber’s work commitment, Olivera had to move to New York because of the latter’s demands. During an interview she conducted in July 2022, she was asked about her relationship and said that: “We have such a good balance, so it doesn’t ever feel public — because once it does, you might do stuff in the relationship that isn’t authentic to the relationship.”

In October 2022, Olivera and Sieber were spotted together for the last time at BravoCon, a convention in San Francisco. It was not working out. Danielle said this in an interview with E: “It just wasn’t working out. You know, it sucks because there’s no animosity. It’s just sad, honestly, that we couldn’t figure it out.”

Who Is Robert Sieber?

It was reported that Robert Sieber appeared in the episode titled Crawl Me Maybe on Summer House in 2021. He can live in Montauk through his work at The Snow Lodge. This is because he is the owner of a restaurant in Aspen. He splits his time between Aspen and New York at the moment, as he splits his time between the two.

Sieber opened Breakers Montauk after working at Breakers Montauk’s Cafe and bar. Cook, who started taking his hobby seriously at an early age, has even had the privilege of cooking alongside the famous Cook. David Cook has taught him a lot about Asian food and given him much inspiration over the years.

The romance was reminiscent of a fairy tale. Undoubtedly, their love story had significantly impacted the world, so the news of their demise was a massive disappointment to everyone who had supported them. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section if you have any.

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