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Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Jumps Into The Pool At A College Party

Noah Schnapp is having quite a splash at the prestigious ivy league school he attends. Amid his classmates’ wild shrieks, the star of the hit show Stranger Things leapt off the diving board and got wet.

As you may know, Noah is currently a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. He has recently moved into one of the dorms on campus in preparation for his first year as a student. As far as we know, he is majoring in business at the university.

The Bamboo Bar Was The Location Of Noah’s Frat Party

However, according to TMZ, Noah was spotted last Saturday going to the Bamboo Bar, a small saloon with a pool full of discarded cigarettes and beer cans that was partying with frat boys at a nearby frat party. No age restriction was likely in place for entry to the bar since it is also a restaurant. To enter the bar at night, you must be 18 or older, and to drink at the bar, you must be 21 or older.

For years, the bar has had a pool onsite, but the staff does not want customers to jump into it, so they do their best to escort anyone who dives into the dirty water out of the bar.

Image Credits; TMZ.com

Even though you cannot see Noah hit the water underneath from this vantage point, according to what we’ve been told, that is exactly where he ended up. There is no information on whether the staff allowed him to stay after that.

As A Summer Job, Noah Schnapp Works As A Lifeguard.

No rule says celebs cannot be expected, so who is to say they can’t? Noah Schnapp, the actor who rose to fame after taking on the role of Will Byers in Netflix’s most-watched show Stranger Things, shared his mundane bliss in a new interview with Flaunt. In this interview, Noah Schnapp reveals that he took a summer job and worked as a lifeguard part-time at a local pool to make ends meet during the summer.

“It’s kind of like a ‘just for fun’ thing,” Schnapp said during the chat, explaining that he is doing the job because he enjoys it rather than for the money.

Schnapp decided that he did not want to pursue a degree in drama and would instead pursue a degree in business. He will be living in a dorm with a roommate just like any other student, according to the outlet, just like any other student.

About Noah Schnapp

In his career as an actor, Noah Cameron Schnapp has played several leading roles in movies and television series across various genres. In 2015, he began his career with the release of the film Bridge of Spies, in which he played the role of Roger Donovan. Noah and his twin sister Chloe have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Their long-term best friend is Sophia M. Pietrzak, a childhood actress best known for her role in Teletubbies.

His most notable work is his portrayal of the main character Will Byers in the Netflix original television series Stranger Things, but he is also known for the films Bridge of Spies (2015) and The Peanuts Movie (2015).

No doubt about it, Noah is having a blast and is enjoying everything he is doing. It will be interesting to see what she has planned for her career in the future. For more celebrity gossip, stay tuned with us so that you don’t miss out.

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