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Stranger Things Star Gaten Matarazzo Wishes Anniversary to Girlfriend Lizzy Yu through Instagram Post

‘Stranger Things’ fans obsessed over Gaten Matarazzo’s Instagram post where he wished his girlfriend’s Lizzy Yu their first anniversary.

The fans can’t get enough of this cute simple post and even though Valentine’s Day is long gone these two continue to make love flow in the air and give fans the ‘major couple goals’ and leave us all in complete awe of them.

Stranger things Dustin surprised us when he went all official about his relationship and displayed how these two have been going all strong when it pertains to long-term relationships.

How Lizzy’s and Gaten’s Love Story Revealed?

The year 2022 marked Gaten’s and Lizzy’s fourth year of togetherness giving us the semi-Formal actual couple goals vibes!!

Each year we witness them posting cute pictures of them together on the occasion of their anniversary.

We first came to know about Lizzy and Gaten dating when Matarazzo posted his photo from a dance party at his school.

But, the news was out officially only when Lizzy posted a romantic double date picture on her profile.

Matarazzo confirmed his relationship with Lizzy only in 2019 yet again through an Instagram post !! as we know these Genz cannot get enough of it !!

The first-anniversary post confirmed that our obsession over this couple is Alright!!

They started dating even before Matarazzo appeared as Dustin in the Netflix series and it correctly defines how even ‘fame can’t tear them apart.’

Gaten even expressed how his family loves her and home dates are a thing for them:

“My family loves her, she’s great. My brother and my sister get along with her great,”

“We play pool. I have a pool table at my house.”

Even though Lizzy is not that active on Instagram she doesn’t shy away from expressing how she feels about Gaten and her relationship with him.

“I will never think of High School without thinking of you,” Lizzy posted on May 2021 on the day they attended the prom. Gaten, not lagging, posted the same picture with the cute caption, “Got to go to prom with this goober. Thanks for letting me tag along broski. Love you.”

Gaten also commented on Lizzy’s post in a joking manner “Edit: the camera quality in this picture is indeed immaculate,” on the hazy picture of them with their arms around each other.

How did Millie Brown reveal this Love Story?

Back in 2019 when the Stranger Things stars were shooting for the third season of the series, Millie posted an Instagram story where she “Welcomed” Lizzy to the said “Family”

Millie further gave a caption to her story by stating “I approve” which we know was an obvious indication toward this adorable couple.

So that is how Millie Brown the co-star revealed and blabbed this relationship to the fans.

So it’s true that their relationship is surely the endgame when it comes to the Young Hollywood world and the purely innocent thing is this adorable relationship and the snippets of their love life that we can gather on Instagram!!

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