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Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Soundtrack is Here

An inspiring soundtrack of stranger things season 4 volume 2; we all needed and hoped for.

Stranger Things’ fourth season marks the show’s most extensive journey yet, both literally and symbolically. The first seven episodes of the season, each of which lasted 70 minutes, took us to other dimensions and other continents.

With a cumulative run duration of almost four hours for these final two episodes, the experience was nothing short of spectacular.

And when we talk about the soundtrack for Season 4 Volume 2 of Stranger Things, it was just as fantastic as the soundtracks for the first previous seasons.

It also becomes much more interesting to watch when the show’s creators introduce us to new songs each season.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Soundtrack Guide

What songs do volume 2 of season 4 contain, then? Do these four-hour episodes include any incredible songs? Yes, they do. And here’s everything we know about it. The list is below.

1. Up Around the Bend By Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty

That intro has gotta be in the running for the best guitar riff of all time. It’s just so satisfying!

2. Fire and Rain By James Taylor

This song reaches deep inside anyone’s soul and makes you remember experiences you had long forgotten. In short, this song explains life when you’re down and our perfectly, all in 3 minutes.

3. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo By Rick Derringer

The album version is fantastic on headphones, the lead break keeps crisscrossing your head.

4. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) By Journey

Gotta love Stranger Things for putting this awesome band back into the spotlight. Love those close-ups of Steve’s vocal cords.

5. Running Up That Hill By Kate Bush

It was such a masterpiece to see this song with Max’s storyline. The impact this song had in the last 2 weeks around the world is just massive and exceptional.

6. Master Of The Puppets By Metallica

Our favorite thing about the current Metallica is after all these years. Through the fights and severe alcohol addiction, they overcame everything and you can tell they are so proud of it.

7. Every Breath You Take By The Police

This song could be interpreted in so many different ways, in a scary, romantic, and friendly way. This song will never go out of style even though it’s from the ’80s.

8. Dream a Little Dream of Me By Ella Fitzgerald

We are so blessed culturally to have recordings like these. Love how this song seems to romanticize budding and into full bloom love.

9. When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die By Moby

It’s really amazing how one song in a series can make the scene more emotional. Perfect moment with the perfect song, packed with raw emotion.

10. Spellbound By Siouxsie and the Banshees

There is something addictive, bewitching and mysterious about this song. We don’t think this song gets enough credit for its influence on indie music.

The dance moves, 80s British goth rock, the hair, the makeup, everything is on point.

So there you have it, Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 soundtrack. What song did you like the most? And what was your favorite scene in this season’s Volume 2?

We would love to know your opinions on this, in the comments section below.

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