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Squid Game Season 2 Renewal and Release Updates

Hwang Dong-hyuk wrote and produced Squid Game, a South Korean survival dramatic streaming television series. Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, and Wi Ha-joon feature in the nine-episode series, which follows the narrative of a group of individuals who risk their lives in this game. A total of 456 people, all of whom have struggled financially throughout their lives, have been asked to participate in a secret survival challenge with a reward fund of $45.6 billion. On September 17, 2021, Netflix released it worldwide.

The plot is based on the squid game, a popular Korean children’s pastime from the 1970s and 1980s. As we all know in general, Korean shows like these don’t last more than one season: they tell the entire plot from start to the end. And it appears that this is exactly what happened in the first season of “Squid Game.”

But the evaluations were better than expected; it was fantastic and well-received by critics, which is the ideal argument to make a second season. So, let’s have a conversation about it.

Squid Game Season 2 Renewal Updates

So, in terms of Season 2’s renewal or release date, the news is very clear. Netflix has not confirmed whether or not there will be a second season of this show, and speculation about the release date is a future possibility. We expect the show to be renewed because, as previously indicated, it was positively appreciated.

Squid Game is currently ranked second in the global category of ‘TOP TV Shows on Netflix,’ after the British drama Sex Education, as of September 21. This is the highest ranking a Korean drama has ever received on Netflix.

On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, where reviews are only classified as positive or negative, 100% of all six reviews are positive. 8.50/10 is the average rating. And that’s definitely amazing, the show was pretty amazing.

Though we haven’t heard anything about the renewal yet. It’s understandable given the show’s recent premiere. And the fact that the creators will need some time to catch up on other developments. But we will keep everyone updated.

Squid Game Season 1 Conclusion

Spoiler Alert!

Well, the show ended on a brighter note, but it also leaves the door open for a Season 2 renewal. Returning to the climax, the Squid Game is the sixth and last game, with Gi-hun on attack and Sang-woo on defense. Sang-woo is defeated by Gi-hun, but he declines to complete the match. Sang-woo stabs himself and requests Gi-hun to spend the prize money to help Sang-woo’s mother when he claims the third clause to stop the game. When Gi-hun goes home, he discovers that his mother has passed away. Gi-hun is still traumatized a year later, and he hasn’t even touched his prize money.

He obtains a gold game invitation card one night, and when he answers it, he discovers Player 001, Oh Il-nam, who is still breathing but dying. Il-nam is a VIP, the “Host,” and the brains behind the game operation. Which was designed to amuse bored super-rich individuals like himself. According to Il-nam, both the poor and the ultra-wealthy live monotonous lives. He was also testing humanity’s inherent goodness, reminding Gi-hun that despite witnessing the violence in the first game, he and the other participants returned and sacrificed each other’s lives for the purpose of obtaining the prize money.

The strategies depend on Il-childhood nam’s memories, and he decided to participate just for the sake of nostalgic memories. He triumphs, but Il-nam perishes, apparently before witnessing his defeat. Gi-hun awakens from his slumber and follows through on his vows, releasing Sae-brother byeok’s from the orphanage and distributing the prize money to Sang-woo’s mother.

He is going to leave the nation to see his daughter. When he finds somebody else playing ddakji with the same game recruiter who invited him. Gi-hun takes the man’s business card and dials the number, determined to learn more about them.

What Will Happen If There’s A Season 2?

If Squid Game returns, the story-line will most likely revolve around Gi-quest hun’s to put an end to the game. What’s unclear is whether Gi-hun will return to the battlefield as a result of this heroic goal. Or if Squid Game will pull a Westworld and drag its players out of the simulation. Into the greater dismal environment. Well, this all remains unclear until we get news on the renewal of another season. So stay tuned with us.

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