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Spy X Family Part 2 Episode 9 Release Date, Time And Preview

Spy X Family is Japanese manga series written by Tatsuya Endo and Tomomi Kawaguchi and produced by Wit studio. This franchise has undoubtedly become a fan favorite. If you are looking out to watch a situational comedy, then this definitely is the show for you. The Anime has its second installment of season 1 on Air.

The show is about three unusual individuals, A spy, an Assassin, and a 6-year-old psychic. A spy with the code name Twilight must pretend to be a psychiatrist Loid Forger, and create a fake family. To complete his mission of maintaining peace between the nations of Ostonia and Westalis.

The Secret Mission

His mission is to get close to a powerful politician Donovan Desmond, who is mostly seen at his son’s academy’s annual meet. To complete the mission, he adopts Anya from an orphanage, little does he know that Anya is a psychic.

To complete the farce, Loid decides to find himself a wife and a mother for his adopted daughter. This is when they meet Yor Briar, a clerk by profession.

She agrees to his sham marriage. Contrary to her looks she is not who loid thinks her to be, but a fatal Assassin.

The situation becomes tricky when the family is unaware of each other secrets, whereas Anya knows everything cause of her psychic abilities. This is where the fun starts, the Anime shows the hilarious incidences as the family tries to carry on with their lives as a perfect fake family.

Spy X Family Part 2 Episode 9 Release Time and Date

The show is in its second installment of season 1. Part 1 had a total of 10 episodes. The second part is likely to have the same. The first episode of this franchise aired on 22nd April 2022. The latest episode 9 of part 2 will air on 26 November 2022.

Japan standard time – 11:00 PM, Saturday, 26th November 2022.

British Summer Time – 4:30 AM, Saturday, 26th November 2022.

Eastern Time – 11:30 AM, Saturday, 26th November 2022.

Australian Central time – 2:00 AM, Saturday, 26th November 2022.

Pacific Time – 8:30 PM, Saturday, 26th November 2022.

Central Time – 10:30 PM, Saturday, 26th November 2022.

The show is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Sneak Peak into the episode

Fiona Frost¬† AKA¬† Agent nightfall will be introduced in the next episode, who works along with Loid in WISE. Nightfall is a mysterious character, also more about her character will be disclosed. The episode will focus on the Folgers’ interaction with Frost. The title of the episode is ‘Nightfall – Her experience with jealousy’.

Predictions About The Episode

The episode will likely show Yor being jealous of Frost and Loid’s efforts to win her. Fans can expect some hilarious drama coming their way. Loid’s and Yor’s undeniable chemistry. Anya’s priceless reactions. We predict an exciting episode where the Folgers try their best to keep their identity a secret. The funny scenes with a burst of action are sure to keep us glued to our screens.

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