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Spy X Family Chapter 62 Release Date, Where to Read and Recap

Spy X Family is finally getting an anime adaptation and it is going to be crazy as hell, but first let’s see what is happening with the manga, Spy X Family chapter 62.

Spy X Family Chapter 62 Release Date & Where to Read

You can catch up on all things about the Spy X Family on the official Viz site. For more chapters that date back to the beginning, there is a way to access them for which there is a subscription offer. Apart from that, you can just read the Spy X Family manga for free.

Spy X Family chapter 62 is going to be dropping Sunday, April 3, 2022, and you can directly read the next part on the mentioned Viz website as well.

The Story So Far

With the conclusion of the biggest arc in the whole series, the Cruise Arc, which had so many amazing fights and tension building climaxes that left us all wanting more but now it seems the time for Anya has come to shine again.

The chapter focuses on the mundane middle school life that Anya regularly visits and seeing as this is a shonen manga, of course, this isn’t the same type of middle school that you see around you, its a highly prestigious school where every day the risk of being kicked out is ever-present.

In chapter 61, there is a brand new character revealed, Old Lady Tonitrus, so if you might have forgotten as it has been ages since the school days were depicted in the manga but tonitrus are the little brooches symboling a thunderbolt.

Eden Academy Rules

The rule of this school is that any student who wants to be an imperial scholar has to gain 7 stars from their students or they can be kicked out if you have more than 7 thunderbolts on your uniform at any given time.

The way that Anya is subjected to wear the hideous thunderbolt is when she decides to save Sy-on boy, the son of the big kahuna that Twilight is trying to get into the house of, and the sole reason for Anya in the family is to gain better connections with Sy-on boy.

I even forgot the name of the character because Anya’s insistence on calling him Sy-on boy is so hilarious, it doesn’t leave your mind that easily.

At the end of the chapter, we can see that Twilight has been KO’ed by the image of seeing the tonitrus for the first time.

While lacking in many contexts or moving the plot forward, these couple of chapters are bringing the life back to the book that we all first picked up because of the hilarious puns and situations which are the reason this manga breaks so many records in sale and recognition as well.

The upcoming chapters may as well have the continuing comedy gags and skits that are really appreciated among fans, but the need for another big over-arching satisfaction will only be done when there is a proper arc to follow in the manga.

For more information and updates on the ongoing manga and anime, check out The Teal Mango.

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