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Spiderhead: Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Everything We Know

Calling all the Chris Hemsworth fans because we have some sci-fi news for! The streaming giant, Netflix is on a roll with its sci-fi releases this year.

The Adam Project was released in march starring Ryan Reynolds and got a lot of hoots and claps from the audience.

The streaming service is keeping everyone happy with the upcoming shows and movies that are keeping them safe from the scorching heat outside. 

Taking that forward, Netflix is bringing another original, Spiderheard. The film looks gorgeous by the looks and it features a star-studded cast that is going to set our weekend plans sorted this summer.

Spiderhead is a thriller comedy starring Chris Hemsworth in the lead. Here’s everything you should know.

Netflix bringing another original Sci-Fi starring Chris Hemsworth

Seems like the small screens are finally working wonders for the A-listers from the industry.

After the successful response of “Extraction” which was a Netflix original, Chris Hemsworth is back on the small screen bringing a rare thriller comedy that has been put in the Sci-Fi category by the streamer. 

The American science fiction thriller film directed by Joseph Kosinski. The film is said to be a Netflix original but the story is inspired by a short story written by George Saunders who is an acclaimed writer known to have appeared in the New York Times, Harper’s and GQ. 

Netflix has a reputation of adapting the original stories and producing even better versions of them. The film exploring the narrative of pushing boundaries to serve science and humanity is going to release on Netflix on June 17th.

Spiderhead: Do we have a trailer?

Yes, the streaming platform released the much-anticipated trailer for Spiderhead on May 17th that caught everyone’s eyes with its sci-fi narrative that does not seem very child friendly.

The trailer throws off psychological thriller vibes which could be intriguing for a few. Chris Hemsworth is shown in the lead playing a visionary scientist who puts together a bunch of people in a futuristic prison and experiments on them with his own experimental drugs. 

The trailer shows the reactions of inmates from the prison who are reacting to the experiments performed on them. It also showed the aftermath of the drug testing on 40 people. 

Spiderhead: Cast

As mentioned above, Chris Hemsworth is playing the lunatic prison leader, Steve Abnesti. Miles Teller is returning to movies for the first time (also returning in To Gun: Maverick) after his last Thank You for your service in 2017.

He is playing one of the experiment participants in the film. Apart from them, Jurnee Smollett is playing Rachel, another experimental inmate in the prison of Abnesti.

The film is written by Rhett Reese Paul Wernick and produced by Eric Newman Chris Hemsworth Rhett Reese Paul Wernick Agnes Chu Geneva Wasserman Tommy Harper Jeremy Steckler. 

As intriguing as the trailer looks, we certainly can’t wait to explore the absurd yet exciting human experiments on June 17th. 

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