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‘South Park’ Roasts Prince Harry & Meghan Markle In ‘The Worldwide Privacy Tour’ Episode

The classic comedy series, “South Park” ripped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to shreds in their recent episode. In the second instalment from Season 26 of Comedy Central’s animated comedy, the satirical series may not have named the duo, but made heavily laden references to them in its “The Worldwide Privacy Tour”, referring to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as “hypocrites”.

From “IG-Loving B**** To Calling Them Hypocrites…

The classic American sitcom South Park may have unintentionally taken revenge on the behalf of Buckingham Palace, as the royal members chose to remain silent about Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive Netflix series. The episode was exclusively titled, “The World Privacy Tour”, referring to Prince Harry and Meghan’s desire for privacy but then their willingness to share intimate details.

In the second instalment from Season 26 of Comedy Central’s animated comedy, “South Park” took shots at Harry’s “Spare”, labelled Meghan an “Instagram-loving bitch” and called the royal couple as hypocrites, of course without naming them. In the episode, the Prince of Canada and his wife are seen visiting the town of “South Park”, and stating that they’re seeking “privacy and seclusion”.

Making an indirect hit on Harry’s explosive book Spare”, the series showcases the South Park prince, promoting his book, “Waaaagh”. The prince can be seen parading on a talk show with a placard, “We want our privacy!”, while the wife (who portrays Markle) holds a sign, “Stop looking at us!”

As the show begins, the “Good Morning Canada” host states: “Some people might say that your Instagram-loving bitch wife actually doesn’t want her privacy,” referring to the fact that Meghan embraces her celebrity life. In another scene, Kyle Broflovski says: “I’m sick of hearing about them! I can’t get away from them! They’re everywhere, in my f***ing face!”

Eric Cartman responds to this: “We don’t care about some dumb prince and his stupid wife.” In a conversation with a “branding manager”, the prince is described as a “Royal prince, millionaire, world traveller, victim”, while his wife is referred to as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer, and victim.”

The devilish “South Park” duo, Trey Parker and Matt Stone took things to the next level by portraying the royal couple’s privacy demands, noting in every scene that they don’t mind doing magazine covers, TV shows and running in celebrity circles.

More punches came in when the Prince says, “My Instagram-loving bitch wife has always wanted her privacy.” The skit ends with the couple storming off the talk show set, leaving for a quieter place to live like normal folks, of course, cutting to a private jet. Ouch!

Prince Harry And Meghan’s Claims…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have raged a war against the royal family as the couple after dripping the Netflix documentary, “Harry & Meghan”, revealed disturbing information about their life inside the British royal family. Not only this, Harry’s memoir, “Spare” took things to the next level when he described the threats, fights and deteriorating relations with his father and brother.

In his book, “Spare” Prince Harry detailed an instance where he was physically attacked by his elder brother, Prince William, and claims that the fight left him injured. However, the prince claimed in an interview that his book didn’t aim to “collapse the monarchy”. The royal family, on the other hand, chose to remain silent and make no comments on the royal couple’s stunt.

In December, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared at the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights ceremony in NYC, as they receievd the “anti-racism award”. The royal couple was felicitated with the Ripple of Hope award for their bold stance against “structural racism” in the royal family. While America recognised their sacrifice and bold move, “South Park” did display another side of the coin. Did you watch this episode?

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