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Son of Critch Season 2 Trailer Features The Next Steps for Mark Critch

The world of comedy is a confusing one. On one hand, we got brutal, gritty and senseless comedy with the laughter of millions echoing around the world. It’s a genre that is built on laughs, but also tears and pain.

But there is this other dimension where comedy is not just fun, but also a necessity to survive. In these worlds, comedy isn’t just something you do—it’s who you are. And they’re all interconnected in ways that nobody could have guessed.

Similarly, the world of light hearted sitcoms where you just go with the flow and enjoy the daily lives of the characters trying to make their ends meet with a hinge of comedy tone. 

Son of a Critch is a heart-warming series that uses comedy to tell the story of a child growing up in a small town. The show takes on some heavy themes, like the fact that being poor is hard and you’re never really done growing up.

But at the same time it’s got enough lighthearted moments to keep things from getting too dark. The series is here with its season 2 trailer and there’s a lot to catch up. Check out this article to know everything.

Son of Critch Season 2 Trailer Features The Next Steps for Mark Critch

The trailer for season two of Son of a Critch, a popular CBC show by producer Andrew Barnsley, has recently been released. The show will premiere on CBC next month.

Based on the best-selling memoir by Mark Critch, This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ resident 13-year old comic cowboy/meteorologist (don’t ask) and teller of tall tales – it’s an award winning comedy show that chronicles young Mark.

The character in the series Son of a Critch is based on Ritche Perez, who was a real-life friend of Mark Critch. The book itself—Son of a Critch by Mark Critch—is also autobiographical in nature and describes how reality has been altered to fit into comedic fiction form.


Season one was about an 11-year-old Mark who felt a lot older than he actually was and used comedy to make friends. He usually wasn’t very successful though.

So far, we have seen that Mark is hesitant to play the cello because he fears being ridiculed by his friends. However, when his cello gets taken from him by some bullies, Fox begs.

The trailer puts some solid context for the coming episodes setting fans on some anticipation about the big drop.

When is Son of Critch Season 2 Releasing?

Son of a Critch launches on CBC TV and CBC Gem on January 3rd and will also be available to stream  exclusively through Paramount+ in the UK.

Who All Are Coming For Season 2?

The series is expected to bring the prime cast back on the track including Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Mark Critch, Claire Rankin, Malcolm McDowell, Colton Gobbo, Mark Rivera, Sophia Powers, Petrina Bromley and Richard Clarkin.

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